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Linux Could be Kicked-Out of Windows 8 PCs

Being advanced has its own pros and cons. And for the next generation of Windows 8 PCs, it’s going to be something very different. Following the news that the next generation of Windows 8 PCs will be equipped with a completely new booting specification known as UEFI or Unified Extensible Firmware Interface, we were able to receive a rather shocking update about the UEFI’s supposed desirable feature. It appears that Microsoft has gone a little cold, although the UEFI specification is somewhat captivating, we’ve also heard that the interface could most likely include a special secure boot protocol that will be required to all Windows 8 users. Yes, it is a security feature that can not only preserve your PC’s software sanity but can also ward off infectious rootkits from entering into the system as well. But there’s a problem.

Since UEFI will be requiring keys for drivers and executable files to operate properly within the system, unfortunately, those keys can also be used to keep you from changing your default Windows 8 operating system into something entirely different - such as the Linux open source platform. Wait, did we just say that the next generation of Windows 8 PCs will be closing its doors to Linux? Apparently yes. At least that’s what we are being told. If this is true, then this will certainly disappoint both Linux fanatics and avid developers. Mathew Garrett of Red Hat expressed his thoughts and concerns about the update saying, “If a vendor key is installed on a machine, the only way to get code signed with that key is to get the vendor to perform the signing. A machine may have several keys installed, but if you are unable to get any of them to sign your binary then it won't be installable. Microsoft requires that machines conforming to the Windows 8 logo program and running a client version of Windows 8 ship with secure boot enabled.” Ooops, Microsoft could be making a big mistake. Or, looking on the other side of things, it can work the other way around. How about you? What can you say about this impending dilemma?


yeah but did you read this?

Uh... Wipe the drive clean, install Linux and then install Windows 8 ? Couldn't you do that? Unless the "vendor key" thing in embedded on the motherboard this shouldn't be a problem at all... It isn't even more if you just build your own computer, no vendor key there. I could see a HP or Toshiba PC with that on, but seriously, who will buy their overpriced crap for Linux when you can get the same hardware for much cheaper if you build it yourself?

Microsoft as we know will do anything possible to stay ahead by trying various technologies and tricks but remember we have big brothers who also do their best by doing the opposite. I salute them!

Remember the buss around Win7 when it was release and its activation issues. Please don't rush in things will fall into place. I can promise you this the work around will be available in less than a month after WIN 8 official release.

I HAVE JUST INSTALLED WINDOW 8 WITH WINDOW 7.YES IT IS UEFI.LINUX gone missing.then i booted in window 7.and deleted MBR with neo smart boot edit utility. And created it for window 7,window 8 and linux. But after rebooting i found all OS gone missing EXCEPT WINDOW 7.THEN I REPAIRED IT WITH WINDOW 8 DVD.then booted in window 8 then with dvd i booted to 7.then i restored window 7.and again with boot edit utility i created all boot entries .now all three ie window 7 window 8 DEVELOPER PREVIEW and UBUNTU working

if it comes to that, Microsoft is going to die so fast, we won't be even remembering them by 2020.

i think its great that microsoft has finally screwed there heads on by not including linux in windows8 linux is such an old system. Windows is the most popular operating system world wide i say get rid of the old and bring in the new

*scratches head* What are you talking about? MS never included Linux, or even drivers for Linux (I think). As far as Linux being old or new, that seems a silly statement as it is constantly being updated and released under revised and new I do believe Linux did release native USB 3.0 support before MS. All MS is doing is preventing, or at least complicating, users choices, which is often a bad marketing decision. BTW, I have been using Win 7 for quite some time now, it works fine. I have used Linux distros, works fine too.

Also, your statement that "something is old" implies that it is necessarily inferior, while something new is not? It does not follow...

I agree who cares weather its old or new ,it should be up to the user to decide what he wants to use, I think msoft are a nasty bunch for not making 7 compatible with any previous programme, its enough you spend your hard earned cash on a new computer to find none of your old programmes work, some can't even be replace at any price as they are no longer available.

Microsoft may try their level best to kill linux.But they cannot ignore that Linux creates the crackers and hackers...No worries let Microsoft create their fancy stuff...Linux will take care of them...My sixth sense says that Microsoft's era is over

Too bad Microsoft is pretty much required for PC gaming. Linux gaming is just way too unstable.

You are right and I agree. I also hope you are right that the Micropoop era is over. It is about time and they got enough of my Money - starting with 3.1 to 7... XP was the coolest one - 7 ? Well, too many driver problems.

what the f#ck out Microsoft which want to conquer the Computer OS market, In facts Microsoft consist of hundred of Bugs and software problem! So Shame them!

It will be no problem at all to boot linux on UEFI machines with win8.

i installed windows 8 (developer preveiv).it is good but inter video tv dvr tuner is not work well

because it have developer and preview in name :D

Throw the cheese!

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