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Watch Videos Deleted By YouTube

Watch Deleted YouTube VideosYouTube deletes videos for different reasons and if a video gets deleted you will see the message "We’re sorry, this video is no longer available", however even after the video unavailable for public viewing, the video might still be on YouTube servers and can be watched using specialized websites as listed below.

Before using the websites listed below, please keep in mind that the videos are deleted from YouTube for violation of YouTube policies, therefore websites below might result in explicit content and are not safe for work and minors.

Watching Deleted YouTube Videos:

  1. DelUTube
  2. FTVTeen
  3. UnDeleTube



Video deleted... You can try watching this deleted vid.

Yeah, not all videos can be watched this way see the post above it says YOU MIGHT, for me it works 90% times and I am able to watch videos.

I guess it depends on when the video was deleted from all youtube datacenters.

Yeah, not all videos can be watched this way see the post above it says YOU MIGHT, for me it works 90% times and I am able to watch videos.

I guess it depends on when the video was deleted from all youtube datacenters.

Everytime I try to go on Deletube, it just shows a server error and it's kinda the same thing for FVT.

The 3 links you posted are invalid. Do you have a link that works for this?

2 links are woking, but they sucks

u r useful!

This sucks is no way you can view deleted youtube videos so fuck off with those shits

i need a video that was deleted from you tube what do i do?

This shit doesn't work

can anybody get the old queenpxx videos and upload them somewhere

dis doesnt work

Doesn't work.Youtube moron's, always trying so hard to police what you watch.Should seriously boycott them and make them go bankrupt, no other video site care's what you watch or if it's copyrighted or not.Down with lametube!

it,s all fake

i can't get access to the delutube or undeletube.

all three are not working

not working

Did it ever once occur to you that it could be because this post was made in 2008?


You're retarded.

That web, has been deleted a long time ago!

That web's now - facts or w/e Oil in China!

Not liking the corporate internets people?

nice given information i like it

Yo, this is 2011, you post was in 2008. Do you have anything that works right NOW?!

I came to this post and it's 2016 right now!

They don't suuuuck.

2012, problem?

Okay it's 2013 and this post was made in 2008 and those links aren't working anymore. Are there any working sites anymore?

This is my Deleted Youtube Video,
test with this:

I want watch youtube
this didnt work.

Here are the URL's.....

Delutube is a dead website now. Is there anywhere ELSE where I can view a video that was posted onto YouTube that has been terminated?

i am back coming soon and usa chlang me i deled a video

Hey I'm trying to watch some old videos of me and my friends making dance videos but i have no access to the URL or the account in YouTube. What else can I do to recover them?

Please removed this video . Here is the url :

so body upload the video on the you tube . This is not the original video .



its possible to recover YouTube video.which one deleted by youtude. waiting for your replay.thanks


plz suggest me more links where i can find video

delete video... plases..

The following URL is for a YouTube video that was an absolute classic, but now it's gone, along with the channel responsible for it. It was a parody of Blue's Clues done by a group called "The Medicine Cabinet" (they have a website, but it no longer runs). It was called "Bloo's Clues Lost Pilot Episode", and it was HILARIOUS! I would LOVE to see this video again. For old times' sake.

Footage of Cactus featuring Rusty Day performing live in Seattle 1970, opening for Jimi Hendrix:

I want this song cover back-

I want to download the movie


That's nice method to watch an adult video in YouTube without logging into our Gmail account. Is there any way to red YouTube from India. thats my url how can i restore please

this was a video from a channel I used to follow. If you can get me to watch it, I'd be happy.
Can you please recover this video, many people including me were watching it and it got deleted by YouTube for some reason

Is there any website that allows us to see deleted YouTube Videos?

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