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Simple Tricks To Copy Windows Error Messages For Troubleshooting

Searching internet is one of the most easiest way to troubleshoot error messages, Microsoft Windows allows you to neatly copy text from any Error/Warning/Information/Confirmation message box to clipboard by simply using the standard copy Ctrl + C key combination on the active message box, the copied text can then be pasted on notepad and can be searched for on internet.

Error Message
Copy Error Message

But not all application error dialogs allow users to copy text this easy, this is where GrabTxt comes in, GarbTxt is a free tool to capture text from any window with ease, simply drag the 'X' button to the desired window and the text gets captured, the captured text can then be copied to the clipboard or selected text used to search for details on Google or with the provided shortcut buttons.


Information & Download GrabTxt >>


pressing ctrl + c and pasting is enough

does not work on Vista 64 bit

No Download link found in

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