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Bytessence MPxConverter - Free Video Converter For Actions And Sunplus MP4 Players

Chinese MP4 players are very popular but lower-end models only support a single video format known as - AMV, we had shared a free AMV video converter tool earlier and here is another alternative to it. A fork of open-source project FFMpeg freeware utility "Bytessence MPxConverter" provides a simple to use interface for converting videos to these cheap mp4 players compatible formats.

Free AMV Video Converter

The portable utility is compatible with both Actions and Sunplus chipset based players and provides fast and easy video conversion to AMV from a variety of input formats supporting output customization settings.

Video Conversion Settings

Features :

  • Fast video conversion
  • Small video size
  • Advanced configuration options
  • Portable - requires no installation and does not use registry settings
  • Multilingual, multiplatform
  • Open-source

Download links for MPxConverter [Virustotal Score 0/43]:


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