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Free SuperGamer DVD - Bootable DVD With Lots Of Games

The Super Gamer VL is a Live DVD based on the core of VectorLinux - a lighterweight and fast Linux OS for Intel-AMD x86 compatible systems.The main focus of the DVD is fun specially gaming. The Author - Darin started this project for his own use, Soon others got a copy and liked it very much.

The Super Gamer DVD is optimized for a gaming computer environment, with many tweaks to speed up running from the LiveDVD. Extra games were added along with some demos of proprietary games. Supergamer also comes with enough applications to be used as a primary standalone OS including apps. like : Open Office 2, Xorg, GCC, Firefox, and KDE 3.4.3.

The Games Include:

  • 3D Games: America's Army, Cube, DOOM 3, Enemy Territory, Legends, Nexuiz, Privateer, Quake 4, Soldier of Fortune, UFO: Alien Invasion, UT2004, Wesnoth
  • Arcade: BzFlag, Chromium, 3D Pinball, Frozen Bubble, Neverball, Neverput, Penguin Racer, Supertux, Tuxkart
  • Cards: Pysol
  • Trategy: Foobillards

Download The SuperGamer VL DVD Here..

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