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Backdoor To Get Experts-Exchange.Com Account For Free Without Credit-Card

Experts ExchangeIf you Google technical problems you must have encountered Experts-Exchange.Com page as a possible solution to your problem only to find that you need to buy a paid-subscription and upgrade to Premium Membership to view the solution, However, you can simply scroll to the bottom of the page to see all the answers including the solution.

Answer Not Visible

Paid Subscription

The best way to get full-access to site with the ability to ask questions from experts is to signup for an Experts-Exchange account, but using the Signup link provided on the website requires credit-card to purchase the premium membership as shown below.

Experts-Exchange.Com Premium Account

However, there is a pretty unknown backdoor signup link allowing you to signup for free as shown below.

UPDATE # 2: Use this new hack to access articles -

UPDATE # 1: The hack is now getting blocked by Experts-Exchange for Indian (and probably other non-english countries) visitors, to get around this limitation simply use a proxy solution.

Free Experts-Exchange.Com Account


It worked, thank you dude.

Damn! I need these too...

hey guys im glad oyu have this stuff online man thats awesome need explain how to this makes no sense im a mechanic and want some free internet use of some sites dont understand where is the sign up free hidden back door link how exactly do you get this working properly pls help


Nice one worked thanks.

It really works :)
Finally no more annoying "Register" thing. Thanks :)

isn't this the 7 day free trial version?!

wow thats working .... i was always irritated by inaccessibility to seemingly good solution on but no more .... thanks 2 u guys

Thats a fraud. Answers there are usually extremely shite. (What else did you expect from users stupid enough to hang on the paysite, really?)

Another wonderful find from Megaleecher!, thank you and Happy Holidays!

thank you very very much megaleecher :)

thanks a lot

If u register u have to pay to register for the trial. But this is completely Free ;)


Thanks dude nice article. I was always frustrated to see this website coming up in my google searches and I'm unable to access it. Even I was thinking is there any way we can make google not to show the websites that we ban from our search results. So that we can ban the sites which are spams, useless, and irritable.

You can. Get Firefox, then get the CustomizeGoogle extension. Voila!


Thanks a bunch!

working like a charm. thanks

Hi , i can't able to see the answer. kindly help????????????

Thank u............. it is working fine now.................

thanks dude

thanks buddy..................... its working ..its working...

Just use the cache of Google to see what the Google bot did find.
Experts-Exchange site drops a cookie that will hide the answers at the bottom after some time :-(

Best however to use newsgroups or the free to get the same information/solutions.
Experts Exchange is a typical US organization only interested in $$'s and more than 50% of their claimed 2Mb+ answers are stale, not relevant, outdated or holding broken links...

I've been an expert there for Access and started a blog to show their way of handling quality/service aware experts.



"3. Guidelines for Use
EXPERTS-EXCHANGE FREE TRIAL OFFER. To take advantage of our FREE TRIAL OFFER, you need only take a few moments for the registration process. First, review and agree to our terms and conditions for membership; next select the type of program you are looking for; and finally, provide us with the necessary financial information for that program. Once that is done you are ready to started enjoying the rewarding world of EXPERTS-EXCHANGE. Our FREE TRIALS are limited in duration and of course only one (1) FREE TRIAL per customer. At the end of your FREE TRIAL if you are satisfied with our service and we are certain you will be, you need do nothing further. The financial information that you have provided for the FREE TRIAL OFFER enables us to continue your membership with EXPERTS-EXCHANGE for as long as you wish. You may cancel at any time. A valid credit card is required to take advantage of the FREE TRIAL OFFER. While your credit card will not be billed for the FREE TRIAL OFFER we will seek authorization from your credit card company to insure that your card is valid. We receive no money from this initial authorization transaction, even if your bank or credit card company temporarily holds the funds in your account. Once you have completed the FREE TRIAL OFFER and become a member of EXPERTS EXCHANGE, your credit card will only be billed for the specific plan that you have selected. If you cancel prior to the end of the FREE TRIAL period1, no charges will be incurred. "


WoW MegaLeecher ppl, u are AMAZING!!! Its working thank u!!!!!!!!!

Jai Hind

you done great job :-) thanks very much

its work fine,



its not working its asking money..........:-(

Hey!! it works just fine.

Click on the link "backdoor signup link" above and signup there. Once you signup, just refresh the same page on expert-exchange site where the question is posted OR login there with your new id and password. You will get the answer in the same box where you were previously asked to signup.


Thanks Really ultra cool hack

Thank you thanks a lot dude...

Thanks a lot...
Thank you very much.....

that worked!

thanks guys!

This process basically instantiates an account based upon their allocation of so-called "Experts"; hence you are required to provide your expertise upon specific topics (i.e Answer Questions) in order to ascertain a Premium Membership which will allow you view the postings which are restricted to registered users, hence their Lame Cookie procedure and other alternatives utilized to block access to their solution is in actuality redundant.

Have you ever just tried scrolling all the way to the bottom?

Yeah. They put the "Join now!" all over the top, and leave the full content at the bottom of the page. Try it sometime.

Very true. Just scroll to the bottom for the full content!

This link is a leftover from the days that Experts Exchange was actually useful. Around 5 years ago, before they started focusing solely on money, Experts-Exchange was the place to go with your IT questions and hundreds of experts were using their spare time to answer your questions. Back then you could easily find a free registration link which had the same restrictions as you have today with the free registration. These restrictions are:

You cannot use the Experts-Exchange search
You cannot ask questions as frequently, you only receive 2 points per day (it usually takes 100-500 points to ask a questions)

Most of these restrictions can be overcome. You can use Google to search Experts-Exchange which returns better results than Experts-Exchange's own search function. And 90% of the time, your question has already been answered on Experts-Exchange or some other website, so if you spend an extra 10 minutes searching you will not need to ask a question.

thanks a ton dude !

This link is taking us to the premium user page automatically when we try from machines in India. I tried connecting to US machine(in office) and there I was able to create it

hey!! its working in India too just fine!!
I just checked it out.
Just create a new account through "backdoor signup link" and login to expertexchange site thru ur new id. You will find the answer there.

how to get the points...... when i asked some problem and how can i can gain more points??????????????????????

it worked. awesome

plz can any body give me user name and password :(
ill not chnge the pass its my promise plz mail me at ill be very thankful
thnx in advance

it worked! :-)

it's working, thank you :)

Thanks a lot dude... Its working great... Cheers...




It worked great. It might be a trial though.

thx a lot!!! Greatful

this is very helpful!

Tons of Thank You.. :D

Hope this works =)

Hope this works xD

I love you Mega Leecher xD

>>For the retards (Including myself) who are new with click on "backdoor signup link" and ENJOY!<<

Yes the post above me is also mine, it worked =D

i just signup .. thanx

Hey all
It still works
Ton of thanks

Thanks a lot dude...:)

superb did work !

Thanks ;)

thanks pal

oh mygod its very sentimental story yar
thnks a lot
its working

thanks dude

thanx it worked! i got the url off of for people who don't know, go to to get passwords for sites. go here for bugmenot thank-yous from people.

This awesomely easy. I can't believe it

Sweet. Been looking around for something like this. Thanks man :)


Oye!! it works yaaaar!!!
I just tried it out myself.
Just create a new account through "backdoor signup link" provided at the top here on megaleecher and signup with ur new id to expertexchange site and scroll down and find the answer in the same box where they asked you to signup.
Balle Balle!!

Thanks man.

just signed up today, worked like a charm. didn't even need to verify my email to look at the solutions

Still working - good work fella

just scroll down ..dats it

i thought it's not true and also i dont know at first how to do it....just click on the "backdoor signup link" above for the newbies like

Thanks. Its work very fine. You are helping programmer to solver their problem.


It worked!!!! Thank you!!!!



Thanx u very much dude.!!!!!!!


do not directly link to their site. they will easily caught and will block the url and the users. you can use tinyurl or other redirection sites.


Its working great!!
Thanks Megaleecher!!

EPIC! i was expecting a link to malware or a rickroll or something, seemed way too good to be true.

he dude it works


You are a legend!

Thank Bro


Thanks it works from Phils!


Thanks admin,

and whoever posted a link to here on

I tried today and looks like they have block the registration


Does not work now in the US. Any ideas?

It now gives a partial registration, asking you to write articles or answer open questions in order to access free premium service

Instead of stealing, sign up for limited membership, answer a few questions in your area/s of expertise, then you'll be a qualified expert and have full membership.

If you can't be bothered doing that, pay the membership and stop being a bludger.

Thanks admin very much!

It works!!!

This registration is for Expert only.
and it not a secret page (just now).
NOT working.

The account is for expert only. You still need to answer questions get some points to see answers.

I have a valid login.
But, whenever I try to login to the site, I get the message that "Enable Cookies".
I have cleared all cookies and also everything is enabled.
Still I am facing the same issues.
When I send a mail to their help desk, it is getting bounced!!

Anybody facing similar issues and have any solution to overcome this problem?

its great! thanx its works!

Thank you very much........

It is asking to answer the questions and earn points to upgrade the membership for viewing the answers.

any advise pls

Best however to use newsgroups or the free to get the same information/solutions.
Experts Exchange is a typical US organization only interested in $$'s and more than 50% of their claimed 2Mb+ answers are stale, not relevant, outdated or holding broken links...


Guys I think there has been some problem with the Expert exchange site (CSS)

All the answers are visible bottom of the page when you browse the page via Mozilla

Just Scroll down to the bottom of the page

bakwas!! no use of this account.. it is only for answering the question not for asking question.

nice one dude!

AWESOOOOOOOOME! Thank you so much!!

Works perfectly!

As the previous comments show, the policy has been changed over the years. Becoming an expert won't get the answers before you've answered a number of Q's...

Experts Exchange is a $$ driven company using the free effort of many experts (or people who call them selves experts) to get as many $$ as possible.
Your reward are worthless "experts-points" and possible flames with other experts not wanting to lose these "points".

As previous expert and moderator of this site I advise not to put any effort in helping the site to earn more $$'s, but help people on real free sites like

aka modulo and GranMod

I have created account successfully..

Please tell me how to make free account

I tried, but it seems it's close. Is ther any other option to get the access?

How to cancel the membership of experts-exchange of free trail. I need to cancel this.
Can anyone help.

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