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Opera 10.5 Pre-Alpha Download Now Available, Comes With New Snappier Carakan Javascript Engine

Opera 10.5Opera has always been the leader in innovating web-browser technologies and once again the Opera team has came-up with some promising stuff with public release of Opera 10.5 Pre-Alpha, the major new features worth mentioning here would be the all new JavaScript rendering engine Carakan which is touted to be 7x faster in benchmarks then it's predecessor Futhark used in current stable release of Opera 10.10, new Presto 2.5 engine with support for CSS3 transitions and transforms with more HTML5 features, new hardware accelerated VEGA graphics library and support for private tab (no need to open a window) apart from the new address-bar and other GUI enhancements.

Opera 10.5 Per Tab Privacy
Opera 10.5 Search bar

Opera 10.5 Pre-Alpha :


hi i use opera all the time wouldnt use any other works wonderful good job best browers i ever used ty roy in salem maine

hmm i think this is great, i think Opera is gonna be my future browser, its still beta version, has some bugs, waiting for the stable version for it & m very excited because Opera has really impressed my by its latest browsers and its features.

Opera is a GREAT browser!!! But...with this pre alpha release, where's the tool shortcut?, or the edit feature? how about some workable page controls that make this a practical browser and not just a fast one! Can't hardly wait for this version....even with new extentions, I'm tired of Chrome....Please HURRY, Opera!!!

I downladed, installed and opened.
First surprise: It opened with a page of their website saying that I wasn't using the latest version and recommended strongly to download version 10.1!!!!!!!
Second (negative) surprise: All the shortcuts to my most used sites (email boxes, information sites, etc., etc.) had not been transferred from the previous version I had been using. I have to start all over again.
Haven't gone any further yet!

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