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Duke Nukem Forever Leaked To BitTorrent A Week Before Release Date

After many hurdles and long delays Duke Nukem Forever development finally got completed and was scheduled to hit the shelves around the globe on June 14th this year, but in some dramatic turn of events and continued bad luck the game is now leaked onto torrent sites freely available for public download days before the retail release.

Duke Nukem Forever

While games XBOX 360 and PS3 leaked DVD images are now available for download, no leaked torrent for "Duke Nukem Forever for PC" is online as of now.


Marketing FAiL

How can they fool customers now , with flashy adverts and hype ?

People can now actually see gameplay videos and real reviews , BEFORE the release.

Marketing FAiL

haha, Yes the torrent download is very hot right now with over 127seeds per torrent site on just every single release. But they are crafty for they know the PC version is going to be the hardest to hack. There are quite afew programs thats allows the encrypted file to be patched for console. If you take alook at the rip of starcraft2, after 2 months of the full game release only offline patch was made which only allows story mode and single player of only two character. I havent been on the latest with it but online patch was a definite no go. It isn't a wonder why they didnt release a PC version yet. Im sure when the PC version comes out rips with patch will be the hottest thing :)

it seems there are people now

there are torrent's that are not the ones they should be
they are pay first and get a computer virus or get nothing
for the hours spent downloading

it has been found with movies and software

Just finished downloading and tripped it through filter and patchers. Its a legit rip of the game. Issue is since pre-release the live play isnt patched yet, so no telling if the rip can get a console ban for playing it yet. :) But i am happy i got a pre-release XD

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