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[EXCLUSIVE] - First Ever Images Of Upcoming Airtel 3G Services

The fifth largest telecom operator in the world and the largest cellular service provider in India Airtel is getting ready to launch it's 3G services in India, the official website of Airtel is updated introduction to 3G but others details are still under construction. We managed to sneak around these under-construction pages revealing details about Airtel 3G data plans and even managed to get the service activated (without an working 3G service as the service is still to be launched) allowing us to access Airtel 3G Portal Homepage which should not be available to public until launch.

Airtel 3G Pricing

You can find the first-ever EXCLUSIVE images of Airtel 3G Portal after the jump.

Activating Airtel 3G Via SMS

Airtel 3G Portal With Links To TV, Videos, Games And Music Services

Download Prompt For AirtelTV Application For Symbian Phones

Airtel 3G Music Section

Here are some other misc. information about what other VAS (Value Added Service) Airtel 3G will offer :

  • Fast Mobile Internet : Airtel is committed to establishing the 3G network with state of the art technology which will allow amazingly fast internet connection but do note, that the internet speed is dependent on the type of service and application you access from a particular server.

    Now share those precious moments instantly with your friends! Upload pictures and videos on your social network directly from your phone – and don’t worry about the file size! While larger files would need more time (as upload speeds are lower compared to download speeds), the 3G network will allow uploads at blazing fast speeds.

    Airtel recommends to use HSPA handsets as it enables you to enjoy the full power of the 3G on your phone, be it real time video conferences or watching the next T20 live !

  • Mobile TV :Enjoy TV on the go . Choose from around 100 channels across genres like Sports, Entertainment, Regional, News, Fashion, etc.

    Watch your favorite programs on your favorite channel including AajTak, ESPN, ETV, Headlines Today, Zoom, Star Network, Raj TV, National Geographic, Zee TV, Discovery, Cartoon Network

  • Video Talkies :

    Enjoy the magic of movies on your phone. Watch the best parts in the movie again and again or just choose a quick run through of movies you plan to watch.

    Each movie capsule will have the best scenes , songs etc stitched together with a background narration of the story of the movie.

    You can watch movies from various languages like Hindi, Kannada, Tamil and Marathi.

  • Games :

    Enjoy great games on your mobile. Download games on your
    mobile or play directly from the phone browser. Choose from a wide-variety of single-player games as well as multi-player-games


    Cricket Mania – EA Cricket 10, DLF IPL
    Movie Games – Harry Potter, Avatar
    Racing Games – Need For Speed Shift, Ferrari GT
    Action Games – Medal of Honour, Prince of Persia
    Brain Games – Tetris Revolution, 3D Tower Blox


    Word Master
    Teen Patti

  • Music Downloads :Download music on to your mobile and enjoy your favorite music on the go.

    Choose from over 1 lakh songs in 10 languages. You can choose from music in English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and other languages.

  • Video Alerts :

    Now get a daily alert with links to videos from categories of
    your choice. You can choose from a variety of channels, from entertainment, fashion to devotional.

    You can subscribe to any of the following categories of content types:

    Bollywood Gossip
    Hollywood Insider
    Beach Party
    Business News
    Health/ Fitness

  • Comics Portal :

    Enjoy best selling comics like Akbar-Birbal, Nagraj, Doga on your mobile

    You can choose from the following comics

    Love is
    Akbar Birbal
    Dick Tracy
    Animal Crackers
    Wizard of Id and many more

  • Movie Reviews : Enjoy reviews of all your favourite movies on the go.

    Reviews are available for the categories below

    Movie of the week
    Latest Release
    Hollywood Movie Review
    Regional Movie Review

It seems Airtel also have plans to offer business services via 3G, here are the details :

3G for business

Embrace the next generation of mobile communications - the generation of 3G, with Airtel.
The 3G networks are the next step in the quest for speed, increasing bandwidth to broadband speeds. As a result, 3G can provide support for more demanding multimedia applications, such as video conferencing, full motion video and streaming music, while also offering faster Web browsing and faster file downloads.
Airtel brings a host of 3G applications designed for increasing the efficiency and productivity of your business. Our customized solutions will give you the cutting edge in this competitive world where Speed is the differentiator.

fast internet
• Access faster Internet from your mobile.
• Upload & download heavy files
• Download & watch videos
• Connect to your friends on social networking sites

video conferencing
• Connect face to face with your colleagues, business associates, friends and relatives through your mobile.
• Experience high quality, real time Audio & Video calling

business networking
• Network online with like minded business associates and business communities of your interest
• Gain valuable business knowledge from others and grow your business
enterprise solutions
• Enable your organization to extend data intelligence to fields.
• On-demand access to Enterprise business data from anywhere, anytime in a seamless and secure manner.
• Customized application for different industry verticals, logistics, health, media, banking & financial sector, retail, Govt. departments such PDS, Traffic Police etc.
e-mail on the go
• A never before experience of sending & receiving e-mails
• Share files, photos & videos
• Bring life to your emails with pictograms, animation and moving characters

video calling
• See the person you are taking to and show things as you chat
• Express feelings that can't be conveyed with words alone
• Switch between voice call & video call
mobile TV
• Take a break in between a meeting and catch your favorite local drama, news, sports & infotainment programmes while on the move with Mobile TV

• Pay your bills and do all other financial transactions
• Ensure complete safely of your transactions

location based services
• Know the real time location of your friends & family
• Track location of your staff and field force
• Find routes, location of banks, restaurants, cinema halls etc. near you

anytime anywhere connectivity

• Get instant access to your e-mail and internet when traveling with 3G data cards.
• Work anytime and anywhere, at mobile broadband speeds
voice & data together
• Enjoy voice & data sessions simultaneously
• Chat/email while you are on a call
• Multimedia capabilities on your mobile phone
• Improved voice quality



After two days of 3G service activation, today i am able to access airtel's 3G service.
The network is highly correlates with radio waves (lots of up and downs). But i think it might be initial problem.
I tested the net speed and provided below.

AirTel 3G signal reception is not stable in my area. (NOIDA Sec-110,82,93)
It is so weak that the moment you make a call on 3G, phone switches itself to 2G network, let alone the 3G data comm. Always gets on to Edge for packet data in spite of subscribing to an overpriced 3G plan. This does not happen if I go to my friends place who is in East Delhi. (May be because there is a cell tower just 2 blocks away where he lives).

AirTel CC Supervisor said it is because I live in NCR and the service is recently launched.

Failing CC help, I selected UTMS option only in network settings to avoid auto switch over 2G. Tested the speed and I did not find much a difference. Youtube videos took about nearly same time to download. (May be bcoz of poor network).
VOIP services like Skype worked just as before. Video calling worked fine.

The pathetic signal coverage started showing results. Frequent call drops and intermittent hang-up of data streaming.

Already upset & deranged over 3G hype and poor quality. I tried it for 2 days ignoring all odds. But 3rd day came to know had missed many calls from people who tried to call me in these 2 days. This is because after selecting UTMS only the phone lost signal intermittently many times.

That does it. Sent sms to 121 for deactivation of 3G. I am back to 2G Unlimited Internet pack.

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