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[Free Accounts Giveaway] FBVPN - Faster And Better VPN Service

FBVPN LogoWe have reviewed many VPN services and had given away lots of free accounts, today we are excited to host another such giveaway with excellent VPN service FBVPN which is sponsoring free accounts valid for three, two and one month duration.

Just like any other PPTP protocol based VPN service FBVPN allows users to bypass internet censorship and surf the web without restrictions privately, via an encrypted data channel, what makes FBVPN better from other providers is the speed and support system provided by the service. Amongst all the PPTP VPN services reviewed so far FBVPN provides the easiest to follow setup examples on all major platforms and also features an easy Question & answer system to answer customer queries.

Easy PPTP VPN Configuration Instructions

FBVPN is giving away a total of 30 accounts valid for 3, 2 and 1 month (10 each) - to participate simply click the Tweeter contest link below and follow the instructions provided.



sounds great!!

Sound Great!!!


Actually I won 2 month FBVPN accounts,
some 2 days ago i got mail as "Direct message from MegaTech"
which stated that i have won 2 month FBVPN.
I did what was requested to do but even then I am not getting my account details!

Hi Twinkle,

I am still awaiting all winners to respond with their email address, once I have them they will be forwarded to FBVPN for account creation.

Be assured you will receive the account details.


Hi I was with bitblinder but they seem to be defuct and i was only on dialup but i am now on broadband. I an interested in your vpn anonymity program however I am new to this kind of thing so if you give me an invite I would like a tutorial on how to use such a program.

Thankyou Fred Wheeler

Hi Down in Australia I would love to try the VPN maybe this just what I need
Regards Joey

hello..cant wait to try it...thanx.

hello . i am wait

i am well



hello I am waiting also

very good

Its awesome

very good

Please I need this!! Greeting

OMG pls pls i need this vpn, i need to play my game online, which one have block ip, pls pls give me one account.

Luxury gifts you can have me a

i too


any chance to get on one of these?


hi all

hi all


can someone help me with a free vpn account?


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