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Assigning Static IP Address to Raspberry Pi

After completing internet connectivity setup on Raspberry Pi, it's time to setup a fixed/static IP so we can access it easily over a network via SSH and VNC.

To get this done we will be using another popular, simple to use, graphical WiFi Network management Utility for Linux - WICD Network Manager. Just follow the steps below to install and configure an static IP on your Pi.

WICD Network Manager

Installing and configuring WICD Network Manager on raspberry pi for using a fixed IP address :

  1. Install WICD Network Manager using sudo apt-get install wicd at the terminal.
  2. Once installed, launch the utility from Start->Internet->WICD.
  3. Click "Refresh" option to scan available networks and click "Properties" of your network to configure.
  4. Check "Use Static IPs" option and fill-in the desired settings.
  5. Click "OK" to save the settings and then connect from main window.
  6. You should now connect to the network having an static IP address. This IP address will remain same even after rebooting the Raspberry Pi.
  7. The WICD Network Manager utility also offers various other handy information and configuration options like - Pre and post connection and disconnection scripts, creation of an ad-hoc WiFi connection and detailed connection status.
  8. ad-hoc WiFi connection
    Wifi scripts
    Wifi signal information

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