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Raspberry Pi Wifi

Detecting IP address of Raspberry Pi on your network

While it's a better idea to allocate an static or fixed IP address to your Raspberry Pi, here is a simple trick to find the DHCP allocated IP address to your RasPi on a network. This specially come handy when you are trying to connect to RasPi remotely via SSH or VNC and don't know the dynamic IP it is currently active on.

How to manually assign a fixed IP address to Raspberry Pi

While WICD network Manager is an excellent choice for configuring wireless networking with allocation of an fixed IP address, this can be achieved manually in Linux by editing the relevant \etc\network\interfaces file as shown below.

Interfaces file setup for static IP

Assigning Static IP Address to Raspberry Pi

After completing internet connectivity setup on Raspberry Pi, it's time to setup a fixed/static IP so we can access it easily over a network via SSH and VNC.

To get this done we will be using another popular, simple to use, graphical WiFi Network management Utility for Linux - WICD Network Manager. Just follow the steps below to install and configure an static IP on your Pi.

WICD Network Manager

Easiest method to setup Wi-Fi connectivity on Raspberry Pi

After initial setup of the Raspberry Pi, it's time for an internet connection. While using Internet over Ethernet is just plug-n-play business on Raspberry Pi, setting-up an Wireless connection takes a little more effort.

To get started with WiFi, first we need to connect an supported USB WiFi dongle to the Pi. Make sure you are using an Powered USB Hub (shown in the picture below) as Raspberry Pi is not able to reliable power multiple USB devices, follow the instructions next to configure your WiFi dongle on the Pi.

Raspberry Pi WiFi Connection Setup
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