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DOMAIN.ME LogoWouldn't you love to send and receive emails from a anything@YourName.Me email ID, specially when you are getting the YourName.Me domain for free !!

If your answer was Yes, here is a great chance to grab your own .ME domain for one year at the best price of $0.00 complete with a Whois Guard subscription. This free domain name and email offer would not only allow you to create a personalized online identity but also helps others identify that the content and communications come directly from you.

Free domain offer

To grab this limited period offer (November 13, through December 31, 2012) all you need to do is download and install free Mozilla Thunderbird email client for your choice of operating-system, and on the initial launch it will prompt you to get a free .Me domain name based on your first and last name. The best part is once the signup is completed your brand new personalized email address will be automatically configured for use on Thunderbird.

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its a fake, when i made account, offer dissapear and i must pay 16€.... but now i made account and they have personal information...

This is not fake and it worked, however it seems they got overwhelmed by the demand and have now put the promotion on hold.

The official announcement on Gandi Blog ( says : This promotion is currently on hold. Please check back here for updates periodically.

There is one problem..,
after selecting available mail address, it asks to login or create new account in,
and after login the promotion was gone and the actual cost of domain will be shown.!!

why this happening...
help'll be appreciated.

its a fake, its says $0.00 but when you got to the confirmation page its says $24.00, fu***n fAKE

Yee 1st it shows $0.00 then after creating a handle at that site,after login it asks $24.00!! LOL ADMIN U TROLLED US

Guys if you bother to read it says $24 for 1 year, right below that is says Thunderbird promo -$24, TOTAL DUE $

No my dear, check the screenshot you come commenting on a story that was posted 17 days ago for a time-limited promotion then it's fail@you :D

this don't work in africa i suggest to use proxy or vpn

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