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Free Facebook Ad Coupon Worth €50 For Everyone

Facebook Ads is the perfect place to start your social advertising campaign, and here is a chance to grab a €50 (~65 USD) worth of free Facebook PPC advertisement coupon absolutely free for everyone.

Free PPC Ad Coupon

To grab your personal free Facebook Ads voucher code follow the steps below :

  1. Goto qapacity Facebook promo page and use the signup link to register.
  2. Qapacity Registration
    Qapacity Registration
  3. Complete the signup and confirm your email address, now use the Promote tab on your Qapacity dashboard and click the Facebook promotion page.
  4. Facebook Promotional Code
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions connecting Facebook with Qapacity allowing access.
  6. Facebook Connect
  7. Once the connection is established your personal Facebook Voucher Code worth €50 will appear.
  8. Use the voucher code at Facebook Ads page to enjoy free social advertising.

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At the moment, the Facebook codes are available in Spain, India, Poland, Russia, Japan, Germany, Portugal and Holland.

I see that the Facebook codes are available only in Spain, India, Poland, Russia, Japan, Germany, Portugal and Holland. How about North America ?

And how about UK ?

I not see comment, i have register when submit for coupon not allowed. hard to register. :D

i registered but code given is shown as invalid

i am not from countries supported

Not supported for Indonesia ....
Only supported from Spain, India, Poland, Russia, Japan, Germany, Portugal, or Holland.

Due to some technical problems we're temporarily stopping the Facebook code promotion. In the meanwhile, you are free to explore and enjoy Qapacity.

Really cool offer many people get benefit of it. I also utilize this; hope other people would enjoy this amazing offer to promote their site on facebook.

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