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Free Radio On GTalk, MSN Messenger or Yahoo Messenger

Free Online RadioGTalk2VoIP offers VOIP services via Gtalk and other popular IM services, their VOIP and SMS services are paid but GTalk2VoIP offers free radio on popular IM's, activating and using radio is very simple just follow the simple steps listed below:

  1. Open IM messenger and invite new buddy with user id -
  2. Send RADIO command to buddy in your list to get list of available radio stations, remember the numerical ID of the radio station you want to listen.
  3. Send RADIO ID command to service to get connected.
  4. Accept incoming call from the service.

Google Talk user can invite radio station contact into their list of contacts by adding a contact like: (i.e. When contact appears online, press Call button to connect to the radio station, More information -


excellant man,except for the reason i dont get all the stations i want

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