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Free PDF Recovery Tool To Crack Recover PDF Passwords

Acrobat PDF files can be protected using passwords to restrict access to the file itself or certain functions like editing, copying or printing. However in many situations the owner himself forgets the password resulting in an unaccessible document, for such cases there exist several PDF password recovery\cracking software's but most of them are commercial and you need to pay for them. But don't worry we have found something free for you, "PDFCrack" is a open-source command line utility for Linux and Windows to crack PDF passwords with ease, the software uses wordlist and brute force password cracking methods to get its work done.


  1. Supports the standard security handler (revision 2 and 3) on all known PDF-versions
  2. Supports cracking both owner and userpasswords
  3. Both word lists and brute forcing the password is supported
  4. Simple permutations (currently only trying first character as Upper Case)
  5. Save/Load a running job
  6. Simple benchmarking
  7. Optimized search for owner-password when user-password is known

Download Free PDF Password Cracker For Windows Here (Special Rapidshare Premium Direct Link) >>


I have windows xp premium edition which i download from for hp 530 laptop
i tried to use it and it was requesting for the product key which does not come with it. So please Help me with the Product Key.

dg fdglf h;fdhm df gfd f dh;fdg fdh fd

Thx for review. Some faqs put protections to free(!) documents, i dont know why. But this protection prevents PDF from viewing on older pdf viewers.

I was searching for this!!

@Anonymous, trying to phish xpkey->install linux and shutup
@Amit, ppl shit in the toilet buddy, not the web.


thanx 4 your soft

U use this software before rite? I was wondering this software, is it legal?



pdf file passward recover

Jesus Christ, what can't you geeks just make it easy? You might think it's fun and all to be geekish, but civilians can't figure out how to use it!

Extract to a folder on desktop. Open folder and drag PDF file to the exe file and a dos screen opens. Leave it alone until it cracks it. Not so hard to figure out?

As soon as you drag the file on the exe file, it asks for the password. This doesn't seem to work.

The moment you take the pdf file to the the exe file it prompts for the password. My pdf file is zipped. Do you think you can help me?

Thanks! I actually tried that the first time and it didn't work, but I extracted it again and it worked? Oh well, thanks again.

does anyone have any idea hot to generate a code to extend the life of the program beyond the 90 days short of reinstalling?

Hey, I was wondering about those files you get online or in emails like those exel and pdf files. How can you open THEm coz a program like this only works with files already on your computer - but what if they're from the internet and you can't download it onto ur computer?

Downloaded, extracted to new folder, dragged pdf file (secured) to .exe file....
Dos box flashed up & disappeared immediately.
Doesn't appear to work with secure pdf files....
Just hope it hasn't infected my computer!

Link is no longer active.

Thank you. Information very useful to me! I usually recover passwords to pdf file .

Need key for tuneup utilities 2009 urgently pls

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