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LiveDrive - Free WebDisk With Unlimited Data Storage Space

Live Drive LogoWe have discussed quite a few free online web-storage services earlier on this blog, best of them being DropBox offering a simple and safe method to store and synchronize files across computers with ease, New online data storage service LiveDrive is now here to make it even easier, the service is currently in BETA offering unlimited data storage space without any charge during the BETA period, using LiveDrive is dead simple you just save the data on the LiveDrive virtual disk on your computer and your data automatically gets uploaded in the background.

Free Web Disk

You can install LiveDrive on any computer to synchronize and access you files anywhere like a normal disk-drive, add to that you can also access and manage your files and folders anywhere using the simple online manager even on mobile devices like iPhone with ease.

LiveDrive Desktop Controller

LiveDrive Desktop Setup

LiveDrive Online File-Manager

Web Disk Online Interface

LiveDrive Features :

  1. Easy data access from PCs, Web and mobile devices.
  2. Act like a normal disk-drive allowing access to files on your PC even if disconnected from internet.
  3. Easy single-click file publishing for sharing on internet.
  4. Your own sub-domain portal to access your files securely on someone else's computer.

I am pretty impressed with this service and all the features it offers using the most easiest and familiar approach, this is a must-try service and a lot can be expected from LiveDrive in future, the service is free during BETA and you may need to pay money when the final service is launched to continue using, Also, it would be nice if our favorite free online data-storage service DropBox adopts LiveDrive's virtual disk-drive approach for easier file-access.

Visit - LiveDrive

UPDATE # Try the better cloud-storage based free alternative ZumoDrive.


After 30 Days you must pay for it! Read the Therms!!!

Taken from their signup page :

Livedrive is available FREE complete with Unlimited online storage.

During the beta you may try Livedrive without charge.

We will appreciate your feedback and comments about our service.

We will also send you advance notification of our full launch in 2009 and you will have the opportunity to keep your Livedrive service.

My Antivirus doesnt like it much, tells me to vault it, but I'll trust you on this one =]

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The software is safe to use, here is VirusTotal Report Result: 0/39 (0%)

I tried to use the program but was unsucessfull.

1)They should fishy. Why do they need my adress and tel. phone number.

2) I tired to install program 3 times, but didn't work correctly. After installing and restarting, it kept giving me error messages saying that Live drive didn't install correctly, please try to reinstall.

3) Its not a free program forever. I think its only free during beta version, or for until 1 month (as mentioned by another person).

Had same issue, wont install. I dub thee fail.

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