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Free License For Zentimo xStorage Manager (USB Safely Remove) For Everyone

Ejecting removable USB disks properly is crucial to prevent data loss or corruption, while the functionality comes built-in with Windows OS there are few handy utilities offering more features and flexibility.

Zentimo xStorage Manager is one such commercial software utility allowing users to not only safely eject removable usb devices with ease but also provide features like handy Portable App Quick Launcher, advanced drive letter management, autorun manager, ability to stop a device, display locking processes, and even reconnect a stopped device.

Zentimo xStorage Manager USB Safely Removal Utility

Zentimo xStorage Manager Features :

  • Enhanced Safe Device Removal - Lets you stop a device, display locking processes, or reconnect a stopped device.
  • Portable App Quick Launcher - Lets you launch any application located on your external drive with one click.
  • Powerful Autorun - Can automatically mount\dismount your TrueCrypt drive, launch a file manager, check flash drives for viruses and run anything else on device connection\disconnection.
  • Drive Letter Management - The program hides drive letters of unused card reader slots, can assign drive letters to a specific device, and much more...
  • Perform read/write speed tests for any attached drive.
Portable application quick launcher

Support For Hiding Devices

Drive Speed Test

The utility is available for free to everybody till Dec. 7, 2010. To grab your free copy visit the PROMO PAGE and fill-in the form to receive your complementary free license code.

Download Zentimo xStorage Manager [2.71 MB]


I use mostly usb drive for carrying data and i need it

Great Dear...........


The Zentimo 1.0.4 has a bug with some built-in card reader of some PC. When it starts up, it scans all USB ports. With built-in medai expansion bay reader PC, it expects a SD media be in the card reader, if there is not one it will gives error message saying "No disk in drive". So, you would need to place one flash card in that slot during the program start in order to avoid this issue.
Zentimo support knew about this fault, yet they still giving out this faulty version as free for promotion. If you contact them for this problem, they will ask you to try the later version (which overcomes this fault), and lure you to pay for the new one. What a business trick!

pa send nman poh plsssss

wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww This is likely close to "USB SAFETY REMOVE"...
But many features.. hooray :)
I'll try it.......
thanks anyways

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