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Windows Blue leaks online, features Internet Explorer 11, smaller Live tiles, and a new side-by-side snap view

Codenamed Windows Blue, the supposedly next major release version (Microsoft Windows 9!!!) of Windows platform after Windows 8 is now leaked online. Having a Build number 9364, the partner version was compiled on March 15th is now freely and readily available on torrent portals and file-sharing websites. The build features Internet Explorer 11 with tab-sync, more color customization features, smaller live tiles and additional Snap Views .

Windows 8 Blue
Internet Explorer 11

The leaked image filename is 9364.0.FBL_PARTNER_OUT13.130315-2105_X86FRE_CLIENT, the ISO image is 2.63 GB in size.

What's New In This Build Of Windows 8/9 Codenamed Blue
Windows 8 Leaked Images :


Still uses Metro/Modern UI, No thanks.
Windows has alway been about multi=tasking, having multiple window open at the same time and quick access to what you need, that tablet UI goes against all of this. Leave this UI change to a tablet edition and out of the Desktop edition.

I thought is was the new iPhone. Rats!

So we went from crap to crap with more glitter???? Why not just allow people to download the color glimmer on window 8 and actually.. Oh I don't know BUILD A BETTER OPERATING SYSTEM!

Reason why I trashed my window 8 OS on my HP laptop and went to Ubuntu is because of "Window 8" also known as window I just hate.

MS why are you trying to run tablet OS on actual good worth hardware? All your doing is turning down anyone who really enjoy MS for something that a 4 year old will use to watch cartoon and play angry bird on.

This is a little sad :( all MS has been able to do is remake the same crappy OS again but this time glue more glitter down and say "Hay its "new" It's just the same OS -.- sad MS sad

I do not hate Windows 8 as some of my predecessors above do, but I do not see what's MS going to achieve by putting tiles on Windows. It is a really questionable endeavor. So, I repeat what I said somewhere else:
1) moving pages of tiles sideways is difficult on 16:9 or wider screens. It is good on vertical screens of smartphones only PERIOD.
2) finding desired program among so many tiles is difficult because our vision works better from the top to bottom. The simple multilevel text menu, possible to arrange alphabetically would be much better and would fit ALL programs on one screen, no need to swipe. Ballmer can say that we have full screen for start menu, but it is really not usable, as I see and millions of other people have seen/touched it too.
3) hiding Windows control elements outside of the visible screen's area has no sense either. Instead going right to the place we want to go, we spend time guessing poking and swiping around the screen. It would be better devoting one line of text on any side of the screen for basic control elements. That would work equally well with finger, mouse and keyboard.
4) Metro, which I call Manhattan, suffers of bipolar disorder. We touch a tile and it presents an empty screen with huge font titles and some tiny fonts trying to present the real information. If in good mood, it allows us to use old fashioned desktop program, which finally does the job.
5) Those empty drab screens can not be windowed anymore. One needs to constantly swipe to uncover other programs to copy and paste e.g. couple of characters. It is weird experience, I understand it on a 4 inch telephone's screen, but why can't I overlap windows on 24" screen? What's the rationale behind eliminating visible windowing from Windows? Why some artificial side-by-side division of the screen into 1/3 or 1/2? Is it because HTML5 does not like it or is there any other sound reason?

There are many great and possibly futuristic features in Windows 8, but they are drowning under the surface of the user interface.

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