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Exclusive Free Google Plus Invite For Our Blog Readers

Google+ LogoGoogle's very own, brand new, social-networking platform Google+ is now live and looks very promising, the invitation only network has now got more than 10 million users and is gaining new users everyday.

We are now able to give-out exclusive free Google Plus invitation to our blog readers, to get started follow the instructions after the jump.

Google Plus Invitation

Free Google Plus Invitation

Google+ Circles
Invitation in Google+ Social Network

Main Google+ Features :

  • Circles - innovative grouping feature.
  • Instant Uploads - Click a photo on your Android with Google Plus app installed and it gets automatically uploaded to Google Plus and can be easily shared or just backed up.
  • Google Plus One - Streamlined online sharing.
  • Sparks - sparks lets user post and keep track of news and content of interest to the user from around the web pretty much like twitter.
  • Hangouts - live multi-person video chats.

Once you get invited you can also invite your friends and other contacts to Google+ from facebook, orkut and even by email.

To get invited on "Google Plus" simply tweet this offer using the "PAY WITH A TWEET" button below, after tweeting enter your email address on the provided "entry-form" and you will be invited :

UPDATE : I have started sending invites (sent 380 so far) and will continue to do so, Pls. be patient as Google might take some time to process the invites.

Users Getting Invited To Google+


Okay, so where is my invite??

I have also a Google Plus account if there is a need for more invite

Can you send me an invite to google+ at this email


my e-mail
plz send to me invite

Can you please send me an invite to
Thanks in advance!

Invite me too

nasko7's picture

invite me..pls
thanks in advance ;)

PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ invite meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

can you invite me please ??

Thank you

The first batch of invites is done.

NItin Gupta, I need your gmail adress to invite you



Please invite me.

please send me an invite....

thank you!!!

thank you

Small island in z mid of IO n!d invit :P



Send me one please. badly need it:

i would need an invite please Angelloufi :/ megaleecher can you please send an invite to ...

my email


Can you give me invitation for google + to my email id

Still waiting for an invite...

please invite me e.mail

hey can you please send me request too. Please !

Still waiting :(

Thanks for the invite, Been wanting to see what all the talk is about.

Just filled it, now waiting to see if I get an Invite or not.
Would post here if I get.

Thanks for the invite, I'm waiting :)

Does anyone know how long on average, one has to wait to get the invitation throguh from Google?
I have followed the instructions here i.e. tweeted using the "PAY WITH A TWEET" button but am yet to receive an invite.

Kind Regards,

email me to invite g+

Could some one invite me please? Thanks;)

i am waiting too

How long does this take? 2 weeks???

Tweeted, Liked, Submitted and now waiting :)

Merci encore pour vos liens

Can't wait to see what's Plus like!

I dont have a twiter account. Can you send me one invite for Google+?

anyone got the invite yet?

Hey, can anyone please send me an invite. I followed the steps written above but i couldn't get anywhere.


Thanks in advance :)

I'm also waiting.... Finally, I could get my chance to be on the new social network that I've been waiting for days now :)

can someone invite me on google plus i dont have a tweeter account

I tweeted about 3 hours ago,

when can we expect the invite?

Hope to get one. Thanks for your effort

hi i aint got a tweet account but i tweeted this on facebook hope this gets me a invite code please ive been trying to get invite code please help thanks heres my facebook profile link so you can see ive tweeted this onto facebook thanks


thanks ive now tweeted this onto tweeter please send invite code please thanks

Im here for invitation too

Hi, can I have a Google+ invite pl.?

I will gladly have a google plus invite please =D

plz invite me..........:)

thanx in advance..........♥

No invitation received....

plz invite me


plz send invite

Leaving your email in comments wont work, the only way to grab an invite is detailed above.

It worked! Thanks!

THANK YOU megaleecher

Invite Received

plzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz invite me

I'm on Google+ because of you guys! Thank you so much!!!

ya i tweeted please some on send me invitation for gmail

pls can you invite me to?

invite me please

I have invitations for Google+. Let me know if you want the invite via emailing me. My Google+ and email acc is

The second batch of invites is done.
Generally, it takes from few minutes to one day to receive an invite if you're invited by someone. The registration for an invite from the google website is very long( it's already three weeks and i'm still on waiting list).
For those that wish to receive an invite, you need to give a gmail address to someone already invited. (You can post it here for those like me that are already registered and can invite you).

I want an invite too.

I didn't received mine, can someone invite me in, please...

invite me please

Please send me a google plus invitaion. Thank you in advance!

please invite me to google plus my email id is

plz send me invitation for Google Plus

for anyone thats trying to get an invite 'the easiest way is to click on 'pay with a tweet' if you have a twitter account,if you dont have one' it takes 2mins to sign up for one!but it may take a little longer for the invite to be processed,and for you to be told 'your in'!so dont stress ;)keep smiling.

plz invite me!!

Please can someone invite me i have been waiting for ever since this post first came up.

Please send me a google plus invitaion. Thank you in advance!

Read more:

Please send me a google plus invitaion. Thank you in advance!

Read more:

pls send me an invitation, i will be vey glad if i get this invitation, thank you

I "paid with a tweet" a few days ago. (!/aaronhong13)
Still haven't gotten an invite.

where is my google+ invite come on guys, i was one of the first to register for a invite and i still haven't received anything. My email is check and you will see me there as one of the first people

Thank you very much for the invite in advance! My gmail account is

Thanks Again!!

Plz. send me invitation for google+ i am waiting

me me me :P

So, I know Megaleecher has many subscribers so it's probably gonna take a while to invite all of them. Lets hope the administrator doesn't exclude anyone

Megaleecher, you are the best !!!

Keep the good work an send my invite on please...


my email is is

Plz send my google + invite

Plz send my google + invite

plzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz invite me

Can someone send me ınvitation pls.

plz guys send me one

Okay its done, now i wait for an invite

please send me an invite. i'll be happy to share once 'on board'


Could you please send me the invitation to

Please send me an invitation please

pls send me one: mapdesign15(at)gmail(dot)com Thanks!!!


plz send Invite for me


I would love and appreciate a Google+ Invitation:

Hope someone can help out?

Thanks in advance:)


invite me @



invite me

thank you very much....

I be pleased if you invite me :

I know you have millions ivnitations, but please invite me:
Much thanks!!!
Good work, Megaleecher.Net!

Dear sir,
The official page reports that Google+ has reached the limit of accounts there can be max. So, what of if I get invitation from u? I can't create account then too!

Can you please send me an invite to google+ at this email


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