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Granola - Free Utility To Improve Energy Efficiency Of Your Computer And Save Money

GranolaGranola a free utility for Windows and Linux computers lets users save money on electricity bills by smartly managing CPU power. Utilizing proprietary algorithms for saving energy in a wide variety of workloads without affecting the performance of the system, Granola makes use of dynamic voltage and frequency scaling (DVFS) technology to provide various power and performance settings for just about any modern processor with no noticeable performance loss.

Granoloa Power Saving
Granola is an intelligent software power management solution for x86 servers, laptops, and PCs running Linux and Microsoft Windows. Granola automatically optimizes a system to use energy more efficiently without compromising performance or availability. The Granola Power Management Daemon (see below) when installed on a server, laptop, or PC, matches the energy consumed by the system to the load on the system automatically. Granola typically lowers total system energy use by 10-35% even when a system is 100% utilized. Granola also tracks the energy saved for use in estimating cost savings and carbon emission reductions. A good analogy is a dimmer switch on your dining room light. When you are writing a letter at the table, you need the full light to be able to see your work, but when you are relaxing with a glass of wine after dinner, you don't need the brightest available light. You turn down the dimmer to save energy (well, maybe not JUST to save energy) while you are relaxing.

Key Features

* Energy savings without compromising performance and availability
* Supports x86 platforms running Linux and Microsoft Windows on physical/virtual servers
* Immediate energy saving for most deployments * User-level max, min, and auto energy and performance policy management
* User-level reporting of energy savings without additional hardware required
* No measurable overhead ( * Energy savings and software complimentary to consolidation techniques such as virtualization
* Installation takes less than 5 minutes on average
* Little to no maintenance

Granola Interface

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Sure this is nice soft to save energy and bills.

If you watch one less x264 movie, or watch that same movie in XviD format, you would have save the same amount of energy. Instead of dwelling on the petty details, why not change your lifestyle!

x264 is a total energy whore, we don't hear any complains do we? In fact everywhere we go, people are actually chanting "x264 for the win".

Give me a break!

And did I mention the other 1001 more efficient ways of conserving energy? Come on people, be realistic.

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