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Bluetooth File-Transfers Now Possible on Apple iPhone

BlueToothDespite being a popular and sought after device Apple iPhone lacks some basic features like Bluetooth file-transfer between phones, for some strange reasons Apple included Bluetooth functionality but did not provided any means to perform file-transfers on the device, but one brilliant iPhone developer has now found a way around and released the world's first iPhone Bluetooth file-sharing application iBluetooth which is now available for downloading at the Cydia Store.


The application is capable of discovering nearby bluetooth devices with full featured file sending capability including PIN authorization.

Sadly, the application is not free and costs 3.99 euro purchasable via Cydia Store, according to the author implementing a full bluetooth stack costs money and so the application must be made paid, the author also mentioned that using a cracked version of iBluetooth can be a solution for freebie seekers but that would hinder future possibilities to add more bluetooth profiles like A2DP (Audio stereo), Serial Port (needed for bluetooth gps), DUN & LAP (internet navigation).

iBluetooth In Action On Apple iPhone 3G

iPhone Bluetooth

iPhone Bluetooth

iPhone Bluetooth

iPhone Bluetooth


Are Yaar Main Kabse New Account Kholne ki Try kar Raha Hoon Lekin Ho hi Nahi Raha to batao Kaise Download karuoon iBlutooth

dude you can install ibluetooth from your iphone cydia... first you connect your Edge or Wifi in iphone, then open cydia from there you'll install ibluetooth....
i hope it will worksss, when you done this so please reply me what you got???

Dude it doesnt work on my iphone 4
when i tap on its icon its open and suddenly get OFF
what can i do any suggestion



This is really amazing i really don't know about it.

how to download Bluetooth File-Transfers Now Possible on Apple iPhone


this is best software ever thanxx ma friend

thank u



the iphone 4 does not discover other bluetooth

thank you very much


how to download Bluetooth

how to get this sotware?

how can i download ibluetooth for mi iphone thanks

You have to jailbreak your iPhone and then install it through Cydia. But it doesnot work on iPhone OS 3.0 yet.

Have you heard of the appstore before? This is not an appstore app.

Have you heard of the appstore before? This is not an appstore app. Don't you see the title? It contains "without jailbreaking". Duh.

Ive just tried this on the new 3GS with 3.0 and it stil doesnt work, i get stack overflows on loading the app

how to download



how can I to download it

i cant download bluetooth is there aney software so plese let me now.


can't you people read????

You have to jailbreak your iPhone and then install it through Cydia. But it doesnot work on iPhone OS 3.0

iBluetooth which is now available for downloading at the Cydia Store.

Where from?????

thnk u




On Your Iphone Go To Cydia - In cydia Tap Tap Search Option The Is right Hand Corner And search " iBlueTooth" Then You Find iBluetooth Dowload It. Have enjoy............

Note: It Dose not Work With IPhone 3GS With 3.0 Os , Its Work With Only IPhone 3G....


Have A Enjoy..........

why nobody thought to put a link that will allow the community to download this application easily???
it'll be more interesting.

Can you tell me how I can download Iphone bluetooth driver?
Please ?



yar i hav instald it bt its not working wen i snd any pic it automaticcally closes

can any one help

I have iPhone 3gs why it dosen't work in it
our iPhone is newest so why
and how can I download it

i glaube that i have 3gs with 3.0 OS or whatever ibluetooth doesnt work can any one help me how to uügrade my iphone?

need help about that upgrading iphone 3gs to O.S whatever cz doesnt work it at me can any one help me plz!!!??



It's such a pain that the iphone doesn't come with bluetooth file transfer facilities... why oh why did they not do this? Anyway... any idea when you'll release a iPhone 3GS compatible version?



I have just bought the new iPhone 3GS and I was wondering how can I download the iBluetooth app on it..? and how much is it exactly??

how to download the ibluetooth to my iPhone 3GS? Have to jailbreak first?

how to download this software.....give me sme idea..........

im 60years old and I can understand that 3gs isnt compatible, not rocket science! F*gs.

Ibluetooth only allows sharing of photos on iphone .. Is there any app which can allow sharing of music and videos too

merci pour le teg

I tried to run this app on 3GS iOS4 and impossible to start the app. Download and installation no problem but after I want to lunch the app. just 1 sec. and it close it self.

Sad sad sad

Does it works with iphone2G?
answer very quick

Evrytime i run this comes..unable to run stack.....i tried rebooting, reinstalling..nothin works...???

i have a problem for my iphone any bluettoth open for software 4.0

I Have not Bluetooth software plz send Bluetooth software

I want u to send me Bluetooth software for my iphone 4, and show me how to install it.

thank you

how can i download it



I can not download it, who can you help me?

my iphone upgrade version 4.3.2 . please help me software to use bluetooth . help me

my iphone bluetooth does not discover other devices>

how to download

Thnx best app ever :D


Where can i download ibluetooth ???

thank you

Can anyone give me the sorce.., coz cidya pe sorce chahiay hai

OMG this software is very awesome :D i like it so much :D

Once I read the word "Cydia" I thought "EPIC FAIL!" There is noting that will guarantee the destruction of an iDevice faster than jail-breaking and Cydia. And to think I worried about getting a virus on my PC. Cydia is inviting the virus in to wreck your phone. NO THANKS! My advice is when you read "Cydia" Run, don't walk away! I swear Cydia is the hackers best friend in the Apple universe. And don't believe the hype, it's from a hacker. ;-)

I want u to send me Bluetooth software for my iphone 4, and show me how to install it


ibluetooth and ibluenova are not working on my 3GS iphone -

Please help me - is there any alternative?
mail me @


bluetooth are not working on my 3GS iphone,
And also i cant connect other dives from my apple 3GS
Iphone,So please be kind to help me.

how can i download ibluetooth for mi iphone thanks

Why apple did not include sharing files via bluetooth is beyond me, i had never heard of this before in all other makes of devices fitted with bluetooth. And the drones keep buying their phones, what about flash as wellwhile your at it.

I have 4s and ibluetooth I click on app it boots then back to springboard is there any Bluetooth file transfer apps that work I've tried them all closest I got was airblue loads but doesn't connect to other devices this sucks lol

Is file receiving possible in the same fashion ?

Please help me..I cant seeing ibluetooth in cydia on iphone 4s with IOS 5.1.1

please do recommend me which step to get ibluetooth..

What a frigin wind up. This app is not discoverable by Cydia (with jailbroken iphone) - and the website doesn't exist either.

Either produce the goods or remove this rubbish

This was posted five years ago in 2009, the Apple iOS has evolved a lot since then patching loopholes exploited by jailbroken phones.

you firstly have to do this
cydia>manage>sources>edit>add> (tap add source)
then move to "search" option in cydia

i have i phone 5 but not working Bluetooth how i get software and when i get

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