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Leading File-Sharing Services Getting Blocked By Indian ISP

ISP Block

Internet content censorship has not been very prominent when it comes to Indian internet users, but things might change soon as various major Indian ISP's have started blacking out file-sharing websites like,,,,,,,,,,, and According to reports received by TorrenFreak, Airtel is one of the confirmed leading ISP's displaying the following content censorship page while accessing the above mentioned file-locker services.

Content censorship in India

According to the current media reports it seems Indian company Reliance Big Pictures has served cease and desists letters to ISP's making them block unlawful downloads of their movie ‘Singham’, but instead of blocking the individual download URL's they have opted to block the full domain.

Via : torrentfreak


this is too bad..

yes now what

The Film Is Worth Blocking And Every Indian should watch that movie. The Movie is Awesome .

Good! There are too many File-Sharing Services. They should all be blocked here in The United States as well.

Perhaps the lazy "people" sitting naked at their computer, hoping to make $$$'s off the Clicks of their uploads, will put on appropriate clothing, turn off the computer and go out and find— employment?

The pedophiles however will suffer, 'cause they won't get to view their "Twinks".

think ......... why blocking / censoring?? for whom??

it is not clossing all.........
i think need closing blocking some webs... whom need try to open and see.........and get valued...

All File sharing servers such as rapidshare,mediafire,fileserve,... and all rapidleech servers in IRAN is blocked by government.
the government in IRAN convert my country to a big cage.
but Always and always we can find a way to overcome the censorship.

grate nice tip

This is actually a good move. But this has also affected people who have been using the platforms to share big files over the internet. I think the government should take a better policy to stop piracy.

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