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Download Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate

Microsoft has finally unveiled another major milestone to final release of Internet Explorer 9 by making IE9 Release Candidate download available for everybody. The "Release Candidate" build features a new ActiveX filtering system which allows users to “turn off ActiveX” for all sites and then re-enable it on site by site basis, on the UI part users can now have tabs on a separate line from address bar, apart from these changes many improvements were done in overall web-browser performance, standards & platform support, user experience and security as detailed next.

IE9 Release Candidate
Internet Explorer 9 Installer

Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9 Change-log From Beta To RC
IE9 Beta To Release Candidate Chnagelog


I like the news about the innovation of browsers that help people to reach knowledge

This is only about Windows 7, vista........
How about xp...............

thanks for the news

Feb 11
Hey Guy,
No No No IE 9 will not work or Load in XP at all... The Web will tell you this. Paste the link into your web Browser's search Bar, and see IE 9 is only for Vista, But really designed for Windows 7 : It a gimmick to force XP users to Upgrade. We have have Windows 7 in our shops & We are switching users with Vista and Windows 7 systems, back to IE 8 :


Thanks for your great helpful news....Always you give some great news & tips also....

Kannan KSA

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