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PREY - Free Multi-Platform Laptop Tracking Utility

PREYWe have shared basic laptop theft tracking utilities earlier but multi-platform laptop tracking utility PREY is much more powerful and feature rich, the free software for Windows, Linux and Mac allows laptop owners to retrieve general status of the computer, list of running programs, active connections, detailed network/WiFi information, screenshot of desktop and even picture of thief (if a webcam is connected) by email if the laptop is determined stolen by periodic checking of an URL on internet.

Prey Anti-theft Utility

Laptop owners needs to configure and activate PREY once and it will run in background periodically checking internet for pre-configured URL without getting noticed, if URL is found it will send e-mail with all tracking information attached.

The application is perfect for the job but it could be nice if it can check an URL and trigger the stolen action when a string is found on the pre-configured page, this will make common users without websites/blogs to use their existing social-networking profiles/urls for tracking the stolen status.

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I found this program on google.
Seems to work pretty good and is free, but seems to lack certain features like taking pictures.


My Iphone4 was stolen before one mounts from Bulgaria...I do not install any programs to located him, and now i'm very sorry for this. Tell me if I now just the imei : /012645002793709/, do I have any chance to find him? The sim card is inactive...
If you can help me, please help...

Thank's for your attention
Nikolay Drumev

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