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Megaupload taken down, Little hope for users having no-copyrighted files to get there data back...

One of the most popular online file-hosting/content-locker service had their servers searched and employees arrested in New Zealand, on January 19 on copyright infringement accounts. To users bad-luck, millions of user-accounts also got locked with this seizure without any possible way to retrieve their files, now there is some ray of hope to legitimate users having non-copyright infringing files in there accounts as Megaupload's hosting company "Carpathia" teams up with Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) to identify legal files and help users retrieve them before all illegal content is purged from the seized servers.


To get this mammoth task done Carpathia and EFF have set-upped an domain to help and update users about the situation.


Hitleresque to me ...where is the due process or the criminal charges filed? young people dont realize that this is a first step into the cannabilizaation of the internet...and a direct intrusion into our rights of expression and free speech. I do not approve of stealing anyone's intelectual property , and to have a continuous discussion with myself about sharing some info that I purchased. Is it mine to share with 2 people, or 4 people or 400? where is the line?
at anyrate, I read that this owner was making millions so maybe some other genuis will challenge this .

..Cool this I like this for my site

Yeh ive already read this weeks ago. Its old news, This is why US does not need SOPA because if the government wants to shut down a steam site they can do so on their own. To future this Acouple other steam site are either down or not allowed in US proxy.

Fileshare due to the factor of megaupload has decide to shut off fileshare server and only allow those who own the account to access their OWN file.

UL, Upload is no longer allowed in US proxy

and few other steam are dumping any file reported unsafe to share due to violation.

What does this mean??

Well it means alittle to some, annoyance to other and new opertunaty later on to create new STEAM site.

Will you can still download torrents, i would advice you to be cautious. Few friends of mine who are heavy torrent downloader have reported there cable/dsl service has reported them on a download violation on there own IP address due to torrent download. Magnet is a new way to torrent but i do not know what is the difference between torrent and magnet since i am a heavy steam downloader.


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