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Microsoft's Courier Booklet Demo Video



looks very cool

Big Thief "Microsoft"! Apple is already done with ipad.

What "Apple"..??? Done What???
Tyrants create lousy devices, with less abilities costing 2-3 times more than a comparable device...
The Idiot "Jobs" is trying to create standards... for the whole computing world... well someone needs to hit him on the back of his head so that he wakes up and looks around... he already missed the boat on that by decades...and with a 3% market share... he really cannot do much....

With the iPad ( just saying the word brings Women personal Hygiene stuff to mind)no Flash ( The whole;e world is using that)no multitasking...but priced at a freaking $700..

So Microsoft is not the thief... Apple is... Market share reflects that...
And if this device is real/reality.. Apple can Kiss the Market share it DOES have Goodbye as well...

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