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Court orders Lenovo to refund 'Microsoft Tax' aka bundled Windows license the buyer didn't want

RacketwareIn an landmark judgement after four years of legal battle, a European court has asked computer retailer Lenovo to pay €1920 for making French laptop buyer pay for "Microsoft Windows" software bundled with their laptop which he did not wanted. Popularly known as "Microsoft Tax" users around the globe are forced to pay licensing fee (included into the cost of computer) for Windows OS when they purchase an laptop/computer from Microsoft partner companies.

"No More Racketware" is an initiative which helps users avoid paying for software they don't want when buying a computer. The action supports a buyers freedom of choice to set up and use alternative software's on their computers.


That sounds like quite the payout for a Windows refund. I think laptop computers are probably the hardest to get with the OS of your choice, because they all seem to be pre-assembled, unlike full size PCs which can be customised more easily.
I think more manufacturers should give customers the choice of what OS they want. That said, I have seen a few places which support Linux and also those who give a no OS option with a discount.

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