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Fixing Lastpass Android App Login Prompts On MiUI 6

Disappointed with not only the design but overall package of the new Apple iPhone 6, I finally gave it a ditch and went for Xiaomi Mi4. The phone is not available in India but importing the device from HongKong costed me roughly $450 (Rs. 28000/-) and I am very satisfied to get such a brilliant phone for almost half the cost of an iPhone6.

Xiaomi phones are also known for their popular MiUI Android interface, and I installed the latest MiUI 6 Beta having Google Android 4.4.4 under the hood. MiUI 6 comes pre-installed with an excellent Security app which features an Anti-malware Scanner, System Cleaner, Data Monitor, Call/SMS Spam Blocker, Battery Manager and an excellent permission manager which lets you take control of which apps have root access and other permissions. Having Android allows you to do a lot more like LastPass Auto Login feature for applications, this however failed to work on MiUI6 and always timed-out as shown below, thankfully the fix was easy as instructed next.

MiUI Floating App Issue

Steps to fix issue with Lastpass Autofill and other similar floating window apps on MiUI:

  1. All we need to do is to enable "Popup Notifications" permission for the app, in this case Lastpass.
  2. Launch the Security app from MiUi and navigate to Permissions->Permissions->Lastpass and Enable "Popup Notifications" permission for the app as shown below.
  3. MiUI Floating Popup Windows Permission Fix
    MiUI Floating Popup Windows Permission Fix
    MiUI Floating Popup Windows Permission Fix
    MiUI Floating Popup Windows Permission Fix
  4. Proper permissions will fix the Floating window timeout issue with app like Lastpass as shown below.
  5. Fixed Miui permission for Lastpass


thanks for your post I am facing this problem I solved It..

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