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[PIC] - Must See Neck Exercise For Geeks



500 cookies to the smartbob that wrote this, just sweet win.

i didnt need to bend my neck

lol @ "i didn't need to bend my neck"

well anyways, this was funny:P

LOL tat was funny :3

I hoped to get some work put tips, I did not see those text, but, it really helped. That poem is good. I spend 12/14 hours in front of pc, got a fukked up neck, go for accupuncture every week..still,, no improvement..but that text gave me an awesome idea..thanks

haha well I had to bend my neck. 'Tis hilarious

Very unusual , but very effective at the same time , reading out those sentence indeed required a lot of neck exercise, Good stuff!

Chiropractic Ramsey, NJ

Neck exercises are really very important especially for the people how work continuously on PC or laptop. Great to know about it.

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