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Opera 10.60 Released, Steals The Crown For Being The World's Fastest Web-browser

OperaOpera recently poked fun at Google Chrome speed advertisements and this time they have proved that Opera is indeed faster than Google Chrome holding the crown for being the world's fastest web-browser for the time-being.

Peacekeeper Benchmark Results - Opera 10.60 Vs Google Chrome 6.0

Web-browser Speed Benchmark - Google Chrome Vs Opera

Apart from the fastest Presto 2.6 webpage rendering engine the latest update also brings new features and improvements like support for WebM video, more HTML5 support including geolocation, Web Works, App Cache etc. and an AVG powered malware protection.

Opera 10.60 Final

Download Opera 10.60 :


I think rating browsers in terms of speed is just plain stupid. Sure you can make a browser that's fast, but what good is it if it only displays text? Sure Firefox is slow as hell compared to Opera or Chrome, but it blows them out of the planet in terms of the available features and plugins that are out there.

I agree with the previous poster regarding the stupidity of comparing browsers based solely on speed. Yeah...a fast browser is great, but if Opera doesn't load your favorite websites or renders them incorrectly (menus and pictures in the wrong locations), what good is it?

Some of these rendering problems were reported in Opera 9 and they STILL appear in the latest version (10.60).

I use Opera 10.60 for about 90% of the sites I visit. For those other websites that don't load correctly or render menus / images incorrectly, I use Firefox. I have had some e-commerce sites load but not allow me to pay using Opera. When I load the site in Firefox, they work. Opera also has trouble loading Active Server scripts (which MANY sites use).

If more web developers wrote their sites to support Opera and if Opera would fix their bugs, then there would be more people using it. Just because Internet Explorer is pre-installed with Windows doesn't mean you have to use it or that it is the "best" browser out there.

I agree with you, they are fast but lack the features and addons that I want.

I have used a lot of browsers over the years. But I think that speed and functionality is important ..... to a point. The general problem with all browsers, and software, is that no one takes the time to learn about ALL the functionality of a particular software.

I use Google Chrome because I have taken the time to learn the software. Once one has done that you can give an accurate opinion, otherwise it is just speculation. And another factor is does it do what your daily needs require.

Let's draw a couple of parallels. First consider the Ping factor of an interconnect connection. Just because there is an 80 ms delay, as opposed to say an 18 ms delay, doesn't really mean much other that the task starts a little later and ends a little later. The true benchmark is that packet speed. If the connection is at say 4.7 MBps down, as opposed to 20 MBps down, The true speed is the MBps not the Ping. Another major factor is are you going through a shared server connection, such as Time-Warner's Roadrunner does, or a straight connection such as AT&T DSL or U-Verse. Are you sharing with others through a Router or a Managed Switch? Get the point?

Sure there is no comparison with firefox but there are some features that even firefox can't provide.One of it is the Opera turbo,which is a service for which people literally pay,but Opera provides it for free.

i like this opera new version
is auto featured that is flash block firefox is now too much use memory for oprations bt opera is less then 1/8 or firefox only few featured plugin is usefull in firefox bt not all time
may be opera work on this side also after speed.
BEst of Luck opera

"Sure Firefox is slow as hell compared to Opera or Chrome, but it blows them out of the planet in terms of the available features and plugins that are out there."
Like a builtin mail client? Opera out of the box has most of the functionality 90% of the people that use Firefox will ever use, way better integrated, without slowdowns nor leak issues. Sure, Firefox theoretically can do everything Opera does and more, but only a small minority of people ever use anything not already included in Opera, not to mention that installing all the extensions required to duplicate the builtin features of Opera is not possible ATM because AFAIK there is no equivalent to M2, Turbo or Unite (there is a web server, but is not quite the same).

Even excluding those key features, installing all the necessary extensions in the Firefox way is the very definition of bloatware. Opera and Firefox are two products targeting a different user base and both are good browsers. Just try them both (and Chrome and Safari) and choose the one that fit better your own needs, after all all of them are free.

Speed is nothing? crap that

firefox is bloatware indeed(without addons...) compared to opera which most of the useful addons in firefox are BUILT IN

also firefox is another IE without addons....

google chrome is indeed fast yet lack of extensions(which is now turning it with extensions in their site)

but i have to agree with something...most site is unusable with opera....

I have put Opera and Chrome against each other many times and I have never had Opera win, including Opera 10.6 vs. Chrome 6.0.546. I don't know how you got this result but I never have. I ran the test several times to give each browser a chance to get its highest score and Chrome 6.0.546's highest score was 8937 points and Opera 10.6's highest score was 8256.

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