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Opera 11 Beta Download Now Available Introducing Tab Stacking

After introducing browser extension in Opera 11 Alpha the new Opera 11 Beta build is out now adding another major functionality labelled "Tab Stacking". The new functionality is basically a tab-grouping feature allowing users to stack their tabs, grouping them by site or by theme reducing clutter making it easier to identify and work with sets of open tabs.

Opera 11 Tab Grouping

A video demonstration with other new features and improvements is posted after the jump.

Other new features and improvements in Opera 11 Beta :

  • Mouse gestures - In Opera 11, a new visual interface highlights mouse paths and helps guide the discovery, use and mastery of these powerful shortcuts.
  • The address field now hides unnecessary information and puts the security status of each page front and center. Now, badges explain the security state of the site, giving consumers clear information about the sites they visit.
  • Plug-ins can be set to load on-demand. This can give as much as 30 percent performance improvement.
  • Extensions and Opera Unite applications are updated automatically through Opera’s update mechanism.
  • Even more work has been done to boost browsing speed, particularly for Linux. Opera 11 for Linux is 15 to 20 percent faster on common benchmarks than Opera 10.63.
  • Bookmarks are just a click away thanks to a new bookmarks bar that replaces Opera’s personal bar.
Opera 11 Beta Tab Stacking



I have been associated with computers and programming since 1972, Presently semi-retired and create websites as a hobby.

I recently moved to building my sites with HTML5 and CSS3. For testing purposes, IE; Google Chrome; Mozilla FireFox; and Opera are used. Of those mentioned, Opera is number 1, in rendering HTML5. Followed by Chrome, FireFox, and brining up the rear IE.

I have found that IE 6,7& 8 leaves much to be desired. It's extremly slow, and does not support HTML5 and in several instances hangs the site.

I was hoping that IE9 would be better; however, I understand by speaking with others, that IE9 is full of problems and has little support for HTML5.I read an article that IE is years behind the other top browsers. I believe it!

With the new Opera Beta, Opera is up a step closer to Chrome and Mozilla FireFox as far as GUI goes. It's features and customization has also improved.

If you ask me what is the browser of my choice for everyday work, it's is Google chrome. It's fast and I don't need to take a break while waiting for a page to be displayed, as I do with IE.

I think that's enough of bashing of IE for now. I love, keep up the good work.


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