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Guide to outsource your software projects in 2022

Our company was rapidly expanding. We had so many customers and projects that using separate apps for spreadsheets, planning, billing, customer tracking, ticketing, and asset management just wasn’t efficient enough.  What we needed was a software solution that did it all, but there just wasn't anything out of the box that fit our needs.  What we needed was a custom software solution. 

But how do we get a custom software solution?

We weren’t developers.  Even if we hired a developer, it would take too long for one person to program the software. What we needed was a whole team of developers…and fast! That’s when we decided to outsource software development.  It would save us time and money.

 So, we set off on our search for a custom software development service. If you search the web, you’ll find no shortage of software development companies; but we needed to find the right fit for our production needs and budget.

After careful research, we opted to hire Brights for our software development. Brights offered a level of service we couldn’t find anywhere else.  They work internationally, have offices both in the US and abroad, and had the team power we needed. Plus, because their head office is in Ukraine, they were able to offer more competitive price than other companies.

Our Experience

We were worried, at first, that they wouldn’t be able to deliver everything on our wish list but, with a team of 100 developers, programmers, designers, and project managers, they had no trouble meeting every one of our requests.  We were teamed up with a project manager that guided us through the entire process, taking out all the guess work on our end. 

They put a great deal of research in to, not only our needs but, industry best practices and common needs in our field as well. They suggested several ideas for our program that significantly improved workflow. Without their careful research, we wouldn’t have even thought to add those features.  They were also highly thorough in their discussions with our team internally; they answered all our questions and took our requirements very seriously. We enjoyed the collaboration process and it put our minds at ease.

Once we were through with brainstorming and researching, we moved on to the planning & development stages. Each part of our software was painstakingly planned to include every detail. We were able to meet daily with the developers to discuss updates, progress, questions, or even to add new features. They were always professional and diligent in our interactions. We were also given demos of the program on a weekly basis. It was exciting to see our vision form right before our eyes. 

Once the software was completed, they rigorously tested the integrity of all the functions.  If they found any issues, the went straight to work correcting the problem and testing until they were satisfied. All to ensure that our final product would be 100% for our immediate use.

Our project was delivered on time and on budget! But their commitment to the project didn’t end there.  They continued to provide support after completion.

We couldn’t be happier with the final product the amazing Team at Brights developed for us.

If you’re in the market for a custom software solution, do yourself a favor and contact Brights today.

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