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Will Palm Pre Get Cracked And Unlocked Like Apple iPhone ?

Unlocked Palm PreExpected iPhone Killer Palm Pre is launching in USA on 6th June, the first version of the phone will be made exclusively available on CDMA network with Sprint, the European GSM version of the phone is expected to get released in coming months, despite no signs or expected release dates of Palm Pre GSM some online vendors are confident about its availability and had already started taking pre-orders for fully unlocked Palm Pre's for $699.95.

Buy Palm Pre Unlocked

The Palm Pre runs linux-based WebOS and these online stores seems pretty confident that it will eventually get cracked and jailbroken like Apple iPhone, only time can tell, any takers for Palm Pre Dev Team tag ?


Like any other software Pal. Pre will also get unlocked, I am sure ppl will start to see unlocked pre's within few months.

I an desparate to get my hands on unlocked Pre in India, this is THE IPHONE KILLER.


Its been what, more than 9 months and we still haven't seen any software to unlock Palm Pre... The only thing we see Rebel Sim

Any clues about software unlock????


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