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Brand new iOS app aims to improve our photos even BEFORE we ever take them

Photozeen is a new free app for Apple iOS platform, just released worldwide the app. gives incentivized and thematic photo-taking assignments to eager photographers in an effort to teach better photographer skills through detailed instructions/lessons, practice, and other users' feedback. It's easy to use and has a pretty cool UI.

There's already a photo app for practically anything you would ever want to do with your cell phone camera. Photos can be filtered, Snapchatted, Facebooked, Instagrammed, Tweeted, or, in some cases I suppose, even sexted. What none of these apps will do, though, is actually help your photography skills. With Photozeen, your phone becomes a photo kit and the entire world is a tutorial. We're already taking photos with our phones, why not get some instruction and feedback and be better at it?


How Photozeen works:

Users are given specific photo assignments (called "quests" - there are tons of them in all kinds of categories, ranging from a self-portrait to composition styles to sunsets to sports). Each quest comes with photography instructions and guidance. The user completes the quest by taking the photo, which is then voted and commented on by other Photozeen users. Individual quests can be attempted multiple times to show improved skill at different photostyles, as voted on by others. The app not only teaches better skills through instruction and practice, the different quests also hopes to give users a new perspective on their environments, and to see the world as photo-taking canvas.

There's also virtual currency that basically rewards participation: the more you rate other photographers' photos, the more feedback attention your photos will get.

Russian momentum:

Photozeen is Russian-founded and headquartered. It's been a Top 10 new photography app in Russia, Ukraine, and the other 4-5 Eastern European countries it began testing in. It's now available all over.

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