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Play "Angry Anna" Free Browser Based Online Game

Anna Hazare has became the face of ongoing peaceful Indian anti-corruption movement of the people, utilizing the non-violent methods following the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi the anti-corruption movement has been greatly supported by Indian public and the movement is getting unprecedented public-support in the history of free Indian.

Just days ago, Anna Hazare ended his indefinite hunger strike after Indian government bowed down to Indian public's mass-movement to introduce anti-corruption laws (Jan Lokpal Bill) into the system. Based on the hugely popular Angry Birds game, a new Anna Hazare "variant" of the game "Angry Anna" will definitely get the word out adding more supporters to the noble cause.

Angry Anna Hazare Game

The free browser game is available for playing with any HTML5 compliant web-browser after the jump below.

Play Angry Hazare


why can't I zoom out :")

not that good angry birds and angry fish on xbox360 are the best versions this needs more work but ok so far

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yeah that is also my favorite game to play online. I keep on playing it just to ease my boredom. i am always bored fter work.

Interesting game. Atleast we can feel happy wiping out corrupted politicians in this game..:)

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