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[EXCLUSIVE GIVEAWAY] Zevera - Automated Premium Downloader To Get Files From Popular File-Hosters Via A Single Service

Zevera LogoFew months back we did LeechPack review and account giveaway, today we are reviewing a similar service Zevera allowing users to download from multiple file-hosting services as a premium user without having to pay for every service and the exciting part is we have EXCLUSIVE invites for our readers to giveaway.

What sets apart Zevera from other similar multi-host download services is that it not only provides downloading from it's web-portal but also comes with very own Desktop downloading software, making it the easiest way to download and organize files on your PC from services like Rapidshare, Hotfile, Megaupload, DepositFiles, Netload, FileFactory, Easy-Share, Uploading,,, 4Shared,, 2Shared, and using a single premium account from Zevera.

Zevera Download Manager
Zevera Supported Services
Adding Downloads To The Manager
Zevera Web-portal For Managing Downloads

Zevera Features :

  • ONE Premium account for all major hosting websites like Rapidshare, Hotfile, Megaupload, DepositFiles, Netload, FileFactory, Easy-Share, Uploading,,, 4Shared,, 2Shared, and
  • Flexible and Fair Charges:
    1. Premium account with Days (30, 90, 180 or 365 days) The daily download limit is: 5 GB (like at all the other hosting websites as Rapdishare etc.)
    2. Premium Account with GB (50 GB, 200 GB, 500 GB or 1 TB) Without expiry date. (for example: 1 TB is enough to download around 800 movies).
    3. Premium account with Days & GB When your 5 GB daily limit is used, then automatically your extra GBs will be used.
  • Powerful Downloader application - ZeveraDownloader is an all-in-one suite that helps you download, find and organize your files on your PC! It is an advanced downloader - like the popular rapidshare downloader - helping you download all the files you want from any supported website.
    Simply copy & paste a list of links into ZeveraDownloader from any supported hosting websites. ZeveraDownloder will tell you beforehand which of the links are still good and which have been deleted or expired. You can also organize your files into folders, save information for these files like password and images!
    With ZeveraDownloader's Library Explorer manage these files easily without using Windows file explorer.
  • File Hosting - Upload any files for remote backup, online file access from any locations and also for file sharing between other users.
  • Effective search engine - Search and download files the easy way.
  • Multiple download without limit - You can download up to 100 files simultaneously without any limitations at very high download speeds.

Zevera.Com is sponsoring 50 free one month accounts for our readers having a daily download limit of 5 GB's, to participate all you need to do is to click the 'Facebook Like' button and share the story with your facebook friends below to get the instructions.

Update : The promotion is now over and below is the winning-list, email id's of following winners have been forwarded and they will soon receive their account information.

Premium Account Winners


This is a great idea. Looking forward to using it.

give me free Zevera

the software is ok...very good

Shared On Facebook.....
W8ing For Reply....

cool hope i cud get 1 account this time

Waiting for the 1 Month Premium Account

im waiting for premium account waiting

Looking forward for the account

Can't wait to try it out

looks like it's gonna be draw, not first come first serve basis. I'm also waiting for a reply and was the 6th facebook liker. So good luck and may the best person win.

Proceeded as required, Thanks for the contest.

great software :)

I have already clicked the 'yes' for FaceBook...However, I sent a review of ZEVERA to you to say how impressed I am with the whole idea of ZEVERA. I have several paid accounts to download files and as usual I find one program that I want to download is at yet another. I am very excited about ZEVERA.
R. Danby

Cannot Wait to try this out.


I subscribed for 50 gigs and also changed the password as it was a bunch of numbers and saved it, however now I can not log in and the forgot password button does not seem to do anything :P Does anyone know much about this site or is it just a rip off? I also noticed a bunch of errors at the top of the pages such as:

Item cannot be found in the collection corresponding to the requested name or ordinal.
Source: ADODB.Fields

Hi Admin, put me on your list for Zevera automated premium downloader, thank you.

Tried to use the link for Facebook, but the page just says "done". I would really love to have one FREE Zevera - Automated Premium Downloader please.

Many thanx


Please count me in. it's great deal........

Idea is brilliant. Let's see if it really works as good as it claims.

I am definitely a fan of this program, and a one-month premium account would do wonders for me.

hope to get this poted and shared twice on FB. no instuctions though.I know this site holds true to their word so patience is what I will say to all

Waiting for this account hope will get it.


This program does not work the 64 bit version of Windows7

This is so cool, can't wait to start downloading...

OK. I sent the mail as asked.
Waiting to get a account.
Seems to be pretty nice.

Really one stop solution for all your premium service needs. Shared with my friends on facebook. Hope to get it soon.

nice giveaway..
have fulfilled all the criteria and sent the mail too.. :)

hope i get it


I does think that Zevera is ready with this project which I see from their forum site also got a lots of bugs on the script. Zevera must be ready only start to promoted the site to make sure that the visit does think bad on such error and bugs.

On Zevera project is good if everything works well with the service and their is million users who need this service as the price is no that expenses. I'll do full support if all goes as what they said. I'm one of the crazies downloader and many-many more like me.


Hooks me up, puh-leaze?

Shared on Facebook

waiting for the grab

shared =) thanx

Shared on Facebook,,,
anxiously waiting for the key,,,
anyhow nice post,,

Waiting for reply.
This service looks amazing! I can't wait to use it!

thanks guys! hope we all get some! lol

im waiting for this
it looks amazing!

Thanks for the account :°)

Thanks admin, I got the account. Tested downloading with IDM but their is no resume on the files downloaded and only 1 connection per file, more comment coming soon.

Strange i haven't received a mail with my account information can you plz resend it.

As I told you before that this author Zevera is really not ready on doing multi filehost service, forum site still closed.

There was an error while trying to download the link. Probably the file does not exist or it has been deleted from the source file hoster.

Also check the below error message from our system:
Error message: General Error: Authorization error
Error ID: c7352b62-8005-45c3-adad-9442ef952337
This link can be download from depositfiles website or from other filehost service but not on Zevera.

Zevera admin need more to learn on running the service with current status is failed.

As a member, today can't login to a website, many time tried but unsuccessful.

i think this is a nice downloader service if the admin fix up their site and is running fine without error and complain then we will try it out



thankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkks is not broken anymore. I request the blog post to be fixed.


Great idea cannot wait to try this, all in one ,beautiful!

Zevera is a great site. I have been using it for 2 weeks now and it's just great.

I haven't got the account

Did you participated and won as a winner? This post is 3 years old!!!!!

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