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Apple iPhone 5S For Rs 2,999/month With Unlimited Voice, SMS and 3G Data Under 24 Month Contract

Apple formally launched their flagship phone models iPhone 5S and 5C in India yesterday. Bearing an expensive price tag of Rs 53,500/- for iPhone 5S (16 GB) and Rs. 41,900/- for iPhone 5C (16 GB) these phones might find themselves hard to convince their tags to price concise Indian buyer. However, Reliance Communications has devised a smart marketing campaign to make sure it reaches widest possible audience in India, to overcome the hefty price tag the company is offering these devices under a 24 months "not locked to the network" contract with zero down payment and unlimited voice (local and STD across all networks), text-messages and 3G data with free national roaming.


While you end-up paying Rs 20,476/- more with this EMI offer, it still is an excellent choice as you are getting unlimited high-speed 3G data, voice calls and text-messages with the convenience of not receiving any "usage bill" for 24 months (except when doing international calls). Also, consider the fact that you can save on your monthly broadband bill by using high-speed data from your phone.

The only downside with Reliance is there limited network coverage, if this offer comes from Airtel or Vodafone I am very much confident that we will be seeing a lots of iPhone5S/C's in India pretty soon.

Reliance iPhone 5S/C Unlimited Offer :


So... like $50/monthly for what is essentially unlimited call, sms and even unlimited internet browsing over 3G ? .. ..... ... I don't think we ever have a plan like that here in Canada and even if we did, it would most likely cost over $100.

You don't ever have the salary and the purchasing power this high in India. You earn more, and spend more. In India, they earn less and spend less. You can't compare the cost of living one bit. Ultimately, the headache is on your side, not theirs.

The painful time will be when I phone 6s launches and you re still paying for I phone 5s. :(

I feel ya, man. It's almost always been this way since the third gen. The newest Iphones are ridiculously expensive now. At that price you could buy, maybe an even better in every respect, hassle-free Android flagship and still have lots of money left. Only serious green freaks or those who have devoted their life to riding the wave of top trends in society would get this.

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