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iPhone 4 Remotely Locked Via "Apple Find My Phone"

Few days ago I was socked to know that somebody has managed to hack into my "Find My iPhone" Apple account and remotely locked my phone using a new passcode (since I was not using one), sadly the old hacks to reset the forgotten iPhone passcode did not work as Apple patched the security hole in newer iOS 5 builds.

iPhone 4 Locked Via Apple Find My Phone
iPhone 4 Locked Via Apple Find My Phone

I tried using the old-school trick of deleting password files from iPhone raw filesystem (com.apple_.springboard.plist and keychain-2.db) but due to new security features in iOS 5 they did not worked.

System File Hack

System File Hack

Without any solution, I tried many lock codes and luckily "1234" worked for me and my phone got unlocked.

Tried Various Passcodes To Unlock
Locked iPhone 4
iPhone 4 Disabled After Multiple Wrong Passcodes
Disabled Passcode

If you are unable to get the unlock passcode, the ONLY option left is to "restore" your iPhone using iTunes.


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