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Leaked Microsoft Scroogled Ad Video Shows How Google Chrome Is Tracking You Everywhere To Make Money

Well, you have been Scroogled by Google earlier with Microsoft's anti-google marketing campaign. It's time again to enjoy another video, this one is a recently leaked video from Microsoft that parodies Google's Chrome ad warning what Google Chrome is doing to them.


Enjoy the video posted below.


Is this true? I mean you can always click on "Send a ‘Do Not Track’ request with your browsing traffic"

Oh yah, Google wants money says Microsoft who make Skype full of ads and commercials.

sure but, an application full with ads is not the same as what google do like peeking onto your mails to know your interest, tracking what your buy, and so on; I understand that every company wants more many, heck I my self wants more money but what google do (even if it's slightly true) is WRONG.

That should be a firefox advert

Who didn't already know this? Of course anything made by google will track you.
Use Opera if you want a truly secure and fast browser.

I my self don't trust any browser, but for the time being I'm with FireFox for it, Opensoure, gives you control over browser as you want, full library of addons to customize, and many many users to report if something seems wrong.

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