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Shellshock 2 : Blood Trails Cracked And Leaked Before Release Date

Shellshock 2 Blood TrailsHorror genre FPS game Shellshock 2 : Blood Trails from Eidos Interactive got cracked and leaked before the official release date of 13th February for Europe and 24th February for North America, famous game cracker group RELOADED cracked the SecuROM protection used by the game and released it as a scene release, the RELOADED release contains the full game DVD ISO sizing 4.26 GB along with the cracked game executable, the leaked game will soon make its way to popular torrent portals and file-sharing networks like Rapidshare.

Shellshock 2 : Blood Trails

All games get cracked and pirated, but this leak before the release date of the game is definitely going to impact the sales in a big way.

Shellshock 2
Shellshock 2



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