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[Video] - Hackers Create Siri Proxy Enabling Limitless Expansion Capabilities To The Voice Assistant

"Siri" - the only exciting new feature introduced in Apple iPhone 4S has now been hacked and decoded by developers allowing them to program custom handlers for different actions. The "Siri Proxy" hack allows developers to easily add functionality to Siri making it do cool voice controlled actions not built-in natively by Apple.

Developer's can now create "Siri Proxy Plugin's" allowing users to issue custom commands via the "Siri - voice assistant", an excellent demo is shown below where a "plugin" allows the developer to control his computer and a thermostat.

iPhone 4S Siri
Siri Proxy In Action

Siri Proxy Plugin ELiza

Get the Siri Proxy Code at github -


Hi there, I am very interested in doing this with my thermostat at home.. we are always cold or too hot at night and our switch is on the other side of the house.
having this at night would make it soo much more convenient to change the temperature. :) can i ask what thermostat you used and any additional details to get started? i'm very competent in python and Linux. thanks


I would suggest you start looking at this -, the best method would be to use a IR signal sender to mimic the thermostat keys.

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