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Sony PlayStation 3 Exploit Goes Public - Expect Hombrew Soon

Sony Playstation 3 hacking and modding is all set to achieve a new peak with public release of the exploit code by GeoHot as expected, in a new post on his blog GeoHot has made the exploit public with links to download the code and instructions on using it.

PS3 Exploit Code Usage Instructions By GeoHot

With this PS3 exploit developers will gain full-memory access including ring 0 (most privileged area of memory) enabling them to program it and make the platform run code as per their will, with this out if enough resources are inputted by coders we should soon see PS3 homebrew applications for the platform.


is this gonna be out soon?? im so excited! this is gonna be a major milestone in reverse engineering! way to go GeoHot! we're all excited about this.

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