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Google Sting Operation Busts Bing Of Copying It's Search Results

Google ran a sting operation busting Bing copying it's results, the covert operation involved artificially ranking a page for a certain term (hiybbprqag) which nobody was searching for and returned no matches on both Google and Bing, Google then created “synthetic” searches asking few Google Engineers to use Bing Toolbar and Internet Explorer Suggested Sites features to click the artificially ranked page in Google which "Bing" copied proving there case.


Bing Readies To Get Peppier - Animated Backgrounds, Slideshows And More HTML 5 Goodies In The Pipeline

Bing is well-known for it's beautiful backgrounds and Microsoft has even released an official RSS powered auto-updating Windows 7 theme catering to the niche, now the Bing Team is all set to take this to a whole new level by utilizing HTML 5, CSS 3 and Internet Explorer 9 hardware acceleration capabilities to offer animated videos and slideshows as search-engine background. This new incarnation of Bing is scheduled to be released by mid-October to public and will also offer the ability to smoothly zoom into details of those hi-def backgrounds. A video demonstration of the new animations and videos can be seen below.

HTML 5 Powered Bing
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