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Facebook introduces improved newsfeed, watch intro video and get access before everybody else does..

It's always a big news when world's largest online social networking website introduces new changes, the last time this happened was when facebook launched the Timeline feature; Many of you loved it and many not.

facebook is once again all set to revamp the newsfeed. With a better clutter free interface which focuses more on stories from the people you care about, the redesigned feed is highly visual with bigger and brighter photos, videos, news articles, maps etc. shared by your friends.

access facebook feed

The new design will be rolled out gradually to all users, you can get it before your friends using the link shared at the end of this post. Also, do watch the introduction video posted ahead to get a gist of what's into offering.

Facebook news feed

Reserve your early chance :


new feed is feeling awesome

facebook more great feature, thanks for information

I can't see my link to get it before my friends get it

What funny about this is and what funny about the video is the factor they do not show the ads between post..

I can tell from the video they are only trying to sell the "good" about facebook but the truth is all the ads they have all around and between post. I've notice countless ads between my friends post around every 5 or 6 post is a ad for something.

Now this new "update" give other people right to see what you do more daily giving them more reason to see where you are or have been and share "story" about it.....

Honestly Facebook is beginning to feel allot like Myspace.. All is needed is more spammer people pretending they are deejays and to be sold to yahoo or bing.

Google+ will become the new facbook

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