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Watch Internet Explorer 9 Beta Launch Event "Beauty Of The Web" Live Webcast

As scheduled Internet Explore 9 Beta launch event is hours away, it is crucial to see how IE9 Beta performs on user expectations deciding the future of web-browser wars. If you are keen to watch the launch event online you can tune into the live webcast streaming at the links provided below.

IE9 Beta Live Webcast

PickBrowser - Handy Utility Lets Users Select Webbrowser Of Choice To Open External Links

If you have more than one web-browser installed on your computer at-times you might prefer a particular one to be used when launching an external link, and to cater to this situation we have nice little handy utility called "PickBrowser" - well adhering to it's name it lets users pick the browser they want to use when opening an external link. Once installed PickBrowser will be made your default-browser and all clicks to external links will launch PickBrowser window, from which you can select the browser of your choice to launch that link.

Default Browser Switcher

Another nifty feature of this utility is AutoPick which lets users configure Domain Filtering letting users target a browser to open links to a specific domain automatically without interaction.

Firefox 4 Preview Build With New Faster JägerMonkey JavaScript Engine Now Available For Download

I am using Firefox 4 Beta 5 and it's noticeably faster than Firefox 3.6, Mozilla is working hard to further enhance the browser performance and a new nightly developer build is now available for download with faster "JägerMonkey JavaScript Engine". The new javascript rendering engine is the code-name for the new JIT being developed for Mozilla's JavaScript engine where Jaeger means "hunter" in German.

Firefox Minefield

Download Firefox 4 Beta 5

Firefox 4 Public Beta 5 is finally landed and can be downloaded from the direct links provided below, the latest beta build of upcoming major update to Firefox features a brand new “Firefox Menu Button” which will be replacing the Menu Bar saving screen estate coupled with other new features as listed below.

Firefox 4 Beta 5

Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta 2 Available For Download - Get Your Hands On The Portable Version To Test Things Safely

Firefox 4Firefox 4 is getting ready to take on the browser war to next level and public beta 2 of the application is now available for download, the new version now supports "App Tab" feature allowing users to have an permanent faviconed tab for websites, powered by the new Gecko 2.0 page-rendering engine the browser now supports even more CSS3 standards specifically "CSS Transitions".

Firefox Portable

Apart for addressing 652 issues, performance has also been tweaked to offer faster javascript, improved scrolling and better startup times - to test things out without affecting your existing Firefox install you can use the Firefox 4 Beta 2 Portable version download provided below.

Opera Mini Now Available Officially For iPhone

Opera MiniQuite surprisingly Apple has accepted Opera web-browser on iTunes store; the popular mobile browser Opera Mini has finally made it to iPhone and iPod Touch and can be downloaded for free from the App Store right now.

Opera Mini For iPhone Opera Mini For iPhone

Opera Mini makes web-browsing faster and cost-efficient as it's servers compress data by up to 90% before sending it to your iPhone, so page-loads are lightning fast.

Blocking Advertisements In Internet Explorer 8

Internet Explorer 8If you have not tried Internet Explorer 8 Final yet I strongly urge you to do so, the new feature packed browser is considerably faster then earlier versions rendering pages perfectly, while every IE8 user knows about new features like InPrivate browsing, webslices etc. very few know about InPrivate Filters a smart content blocking functionality which can be used to block advertisements in Internet Explorer 8, Once activated from statusbar or shortcut key - CTRL+SHIFT+F smart InPrivate Filter automatically learns, detects and blocks common repeated-content from ad-servers appearing on websites you visit.

Content Filtering

The best thing about InPrivate Filter is that you can easily manage the block list and even import filtering patterns similar to ad-blocker.

Control Web-Browser With Face Gestures

Opera Labs is doing some extra-ordinary research in terms of new web-browser features and after introducing Opera Turbo they seem to have gone too far with experimenting introducing face gestures in the latest snapshot builds of Opera 10, the concept of controlling your web-browser with facial expressions sounds pretty cool but after seeing the video demo with man making funny faces to control the web-browser, I decided to stick with keyboard and mouse combination for a while, jokes apart the technology seems promising considering the evolution of touch devices where such functionality can be handy, I am very much sure that Opera will tweak this facial-gesture technology further to create something useful.

What Is Opera Dragonfly !

The DragonFly teaser page at Opera's website has started a wave of speculations in the blogger community about what exactly it is, bloggers have started posting about the teaser providing good publicity for the upcoming product, all kind of rumors have started, some predicting it as a set of developmental tools and some as "Opera 10", however blog post from David, Chief Web Opener at Opera stating DragonFly as "It won’t directly affect everybody, but will hopefully become inval

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