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TrackChecker - Free utility for online shoppers and sellers to track there shipments with ease

If you are an avid online shopper or seller and need to keep track of multiple items, shipping details and shipment tracking data. Free windows utility "TrackChecker" is here for your rescue, with support for automated monitoring and tracking of shipments from more than 220+ postal and courier services world-over this is all you need to ease-upon the data overload.


The utility is designed keeping all needs of online buyers and sellers in mind, and offers features like - Track groups, ability to add/configure any custom mail-tracking service, filtering, sorting, quick search, and other handy customization features to get most out of the data at hand with ease.

Kingsoft Antivirus 2012 - New Cloud Antivirus Software Protecting Your Computer for Free

After providing the free Kingsoft PC Doctor utility, the company has now launched a new PC cloud security utility Kingsoft Antivirus 2012.

Kingsoft Antivirus 2012 is a completely free antivirus solution for detecting and cleaning trojan viruses, and protect your computer with system defense K+ and boundary defense. It can be a standalone product, and can also work along with other security software.

CMOS De-Animator - Simple to use graphical tool to reset BIOS password

Resetting or recovering a forgotten BIOS/CMOS password can be a tough nut to crack as usually it requires opening the case and sorting BIOS battery. If you are able to boot into Windows, free utility CMOS De-Animator lets you do this without going through the manual procedure using just a single button click from Windows.

CMOS De-Animator basically clears the BIOS RAM, by smartly invalidating the CMOS verification checksum which results in resetting of all BIOS settings to default including the stored BIOS passwords on reboot.

CMOS password reset

DriverPack Solution - Free Windows Device Driver Pack With Full Offline Database Support

Hardware device compatibility would be the topmost reason behind the success of Microsoft Windows operating-system, despite this Windows users have to struggle for correct device drivers for legacy hardware and devices from small vendors. We have shared two excellent free solutions to search, install and backup Windows device drivers - DriverMax and Device Doctor. However, both these utilities require an active internet connection to work therefore if you require which can work offline free, open-source DriverPack Solution would be the solution.

DriverPack Solution supports driver search, installation and update for Windows XP / Vista / 7 (x86-x64). The utility is offered in two flavors the lite version sized 7Mb requires an active internet connection to download drivers and the Full version sizing 3Gb comes with full device driver database and can be burned on a DVD for offline use anywhere.

Device Driver Update

[EXCLUSIVE GIVEAWAY] - PhoneTrans Pro - Feature rich, iOS device manager

We reviewed the free version of versatile Apple iOS device manager "PhoneTrans" few days ago, while feature rich the utility did lack some features when compared to paid "PRO" upgrade version like Wi-Fi Transfer without iTunes, simultaneous management support for multiple iOS devices, ability to share files among multiple iOS devices, iTunes Library to iPhone feature and much more.

The good news is, under an EXCLUSIVE GIVEAWAY for megaleecher users, iMobie is providing genuine, free activation key for PhoneTrans Pro worth "$29.99" each to all our readers. To grab your free-copy of of "PhoneTrans Pro" with all the amazing features mentioned below, simply visit the promo-link posted after the jump.

PhoneTrans Activation Key
PhoneTrans Pro

PhoneTrans - Free iTunes Alternative for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

iPhoneTransWhile Apple iOS devices have the most simplest usability, the accompanied "PC Suite" management application Apple iTunes is equally frustrating to use. There are numerous free iTunes alternatives and today we are reviewing yet another application in this niche.

The root cause of all this trouble is "iTunes Library" concept, which ties a user to a single account and computer - forcing them to sync audio, video and other items from a single computer. But there is way out, with free iTunes alternative application - "PhoneTrans" the user gets the power to just drag-and-drop files in & out of there iPhone, iPad and iPod touch just like windows explorer from ANY COMPUTER without worrying about deletion of earlier content as in iTunes Sync.

PhoneTrans fully supports adding, removing, backing-up and recovering of music, movies, music videos, TV shows, podcasts, voice memos, ringtones and eBooks etc. from Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.

PhoneTrans Main Interface

Update Freezer - Free utility to control annoying auto-updaters for various popular software

While updates to software installed on your computer does not only provide new features and bug-fixes, but also are critical for computer security. It is therefore always advised to have your operating-system and computer software up-to-date.

However, at times some auto-updating software's get annoying like the Adobe Updater which needs to be blocked, a user would also like to temporarily/permanently disable an auto-update for situations like slow internet connection, keeping your system configuration exactly the same or simply the desire to have manual control on what's get updated on their PC. Free and simple utility "Update Freezer" caters to exactly these users allowing them to temporarily disable different kinds of automatic software updates on Windows.

Main Window Update Freezer

Virtual Router - Free Utility To Create And Share Adhoc Wifi Hot Spot on Windows 7 and 2008 R2

While Bzeek offers an excellent free utility to share your internet connection over WiFi, another free and open source software based router for computers using Windows 7/Windows Server 2008 R2 is "Virtual Router".

As the name suggests, the software enables users to wirelessly share any internet connection on there PC/laptop (Wifi, LAN, Cable Modem, Dial-up, Cellular, etc.) with any Wifi device (Laptop, Smart Phone, iPod Touch, iPhone, Android Phone, Zune, Netbook, wireless printer, etc.) without requiring an dedicated WiFi router hardware, this "advertisement free" (unlike Connectify) utility creates an "Virtual Router" by utlizing Windows 7 built-in adhoc WiFi sharing capabilities - the acess-point created is completely secured using WPA2.

Virtual Router

Grab Norton Identity Safe Password Manager For Free

While there are some excellent free password managers like Lastpass, my1login and Roboform (limited functionality in free version), you still have paid option's from security software companies like Symantec Norton Identity Safe and Kaspersky Password Manager. The great news is commercial utility "Norton Identity Safe" is available under a "FREE Forever" license if you download it by October 1, 2012.

Norton Identity Safe

Norton Identity Safe not only manages your passwords at a single location, under a single login for easier, faster and more secure website logins. But also features a automated form-filler, secure notes manager, safe security screened web-surfing and search, cross-browser support and even comes with native clients for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

my1login - Free, Single Login Password Manager For All Devices

While Lastpass and Roboform are two excellent choices for a free password manager, they both have crippled functionality when it comes to free version. Roboform limits the number of stored logins in free version, Lastpass only allows mobile-app access to the vault for premium users.

my1login is yet another free solution which allows users the same functionality with more features and convenient "Access from all devices including mobile", my1login is totally cloud (web) based and no browser plug-in or software is required to be downloaded or installed allowing access from multiple devices i.e. laptop, tablet, mobile phone retaining the same usage behavior. The user simply needs to single-click the website they want logged into and my1login does that for you automatically, my1login also features integrated dashboard of your email and social media for added convenience.

my1login password manager
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