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TrackChecker - Free utility for online shoppers and sellers to track there shipments with ease

If you are an avid online shopper or seller and need to keep track of multiple items, shipping details and shipment tracking data. Free windows utility "TrackChecker" is here for your rescue, with support for automated monitoring and tracking of shipments from more than 220+ postal and courier services world-over this is all you need to ease-upon the data overload.


The utility is designed keeping all needs of online buyers and sellers in mind, and offers features like - Track groups, ability to add/configure any custom mail-tracking service, filtering, sorting, quick search, and other handy customization features to get most out of the data at hand with ease.

Being an frequent online shopper this is a perfect solution to keep track on ordered items and their status, the product is actively developed and comes highly recommended for intended users.

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You have some great stuff to share, but glaring errors like this really mar an otherwise fine publication!

Agreed and corrected :), will try my best.

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