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Google Keep - The cloud connected note keeping service

Google Keep the newly announced service from tech giant, allows users to quickly jot down notes, voice memos with transcription support, reminders, checklists, ideas or anything else including photos to keep track of important things that matter. Your notes and data are safely stored on Google Drive and synced to all devices for anywhere access.

Google Keep

RasPlex - The Plex Home Theater port for the Raspberry Pi mini computer

DLNA is a widely used, popular media sharing protocol for instant multimedia sharing across devices irrespective of the hardware/software platform they are running. To get DLNA working we need a server, which catalogs and serves the multimedia content for consumption, while a client consumes the content supplied by the DLNA server. MiniDLNA is a fast, simple to configure and easy to use DLNA server which can be installed in minutes on the Raspberry Pi, however it has limited features.

RasPlex Logo

Plex Media Server is yet another powerful DLNA multimedia server, the good news is - we now have a working Raspberry Pi port of Plex home theater as RasPlex. RasPlex enables users to enjoy multimedia content across every DLNA capable client on their home network, utilizing the Plex Media Server's friendly user interface.


Big Mouse Cursor Utility allows users to design their own Mouse Cursor

Mouse Cursors in Windows are of Limited Size and are normally developed by Graphics Designers. Now the Big Mouse Cursor Utility allows you to design your own Mouse Cursor with ease. With the help of any Graphics Editor, you can design your own Mouse Cursor which will follow your existing Mouse Cursor. All you need to do is create a .bmp file and tell the Daanav Mouse Cursor about the location of the .bmp file. Have a look at the given below screenshot which displays the main screen of the software.

Compiling the latest version of aria2 download manager on Raspberry Pi

How Much MB or GB Space Can Be Freed Up on your iPhone, iPad?

Last August, we reviewed the free Windows utility called PhoneClean, the uniquely designed application allows users to free disk space on there iPhone, iPod touch or iPad by cleaning up the files that are no longer useful to the system. The iMobie, creator of the program, has now informed us that PhoneClean has been thoroughly redesigned and upgraded to version 2, and its Mac version also available.

For Mac

The PhoneClean scans on your machine, looking for temporary files that are no longer used, but for some reason kept there. It does not erase progress of games or any application data, even if they are only remnants of unused files.

Installing and Configuring MiniDLNA Server On Raspberry Pi

We have already setupped the Raspberry Pi to download files from internet and share them wirelessly over network acting as an NAS. Now it's time to further enhance this functionality to share multimedia content (audio/video/images) using DLNA protocol so our Raspberry Pi can act as an self contained multimedia downloader and server.

Enabling DLNA allows compatible networked device like TV's, cellphones, music systems and computers to enable seamless sharing and playback of digital media between devices. DLNA uses Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) for media management, discovery and control. Follow the instructions ahead to install and configure popular Linux DLNA server utility MiniDLNA on Raspberry Pi running Raspbian.

DLNA server detected by Sony Bravia

aria2 - The Best Lightweight, Multi-protocol, Multi-source Download Accelerator For Linux

In search for the most stable yet low resource consuming download accelerator for my Raspberry Pi NAS, we have tested and written about excellent utilities like Transmission Bittorrent Client, pyLoad and FatRat which gets the job done. However, after extensive testing with all these I can now easily conclude that the best download manager for Raspberry Pi (or any other low-resourced Linux computer) is - aria2.

aria2 is an versatile multi-platform, multi-protocol download accelerator with lots of powerful features not available in any of the competing applications like the ability to download the same file from multiple URLS and protocols. Aria2 is available for Linux, Windows and Mac and supports multi-protocol, multi-segmented parallel accelerated downloads from HTTP,HTTPS,FTP,BitTorrent and Metalink protocols with download resume capability. Despite being a lightweight command line utility, you won't feel the lack of an GUI as it supports an XML-RPC interface for remote-control - there are quite a few handy GUI's available like web-interfaces, desktop clients and native mobile applications.


Advanced Tokens Manager - Microsoft Windows and Office Activation Backup-Restore Solution

Microsoft Windows and Office Activation can be tricky at times and you might get blocked by Microsoft if you try activating more then a few times with a single key to prevent software piracy.

This policy is now being implemented more strictly after Microsoft blundered and offered free Windows 8 keys to users. To prevent such situation one can opt to use handy free utility Advanced Tokens Manager for safe backup and restoration of Microsoft Windows and Office activation files locally for restore when a clean install is done.

Reclaim Your Disk Space Using Fast Duplicate File Finder - Exclusive $400 Worth License Giveaway

Audio DedupeNowadays a terabyte of storage is something common and usually we do not worry about free space. Unfortunately the size of the files has grown too and by downloading, copying, saving multiple versions of files we soon end up with a full disk drive again.

Keeping an organized file system is not always easy in the busy world today. Manual disk cleaning is a heavy task to be carried out too. Fortunately Fast Duplicate File Finder by MindGems Inc. can solve this problem for free.

Follow this easy step-by-step guide with me in order to clean duplicate files.

Once you add the folders to be scanned there are some handy options that you can tweak. In the folders panel you can exclude some folders from the auto-check feature. This is handy if you would like to preserve the files in some "'source"' folder(s). You can also "Disable Self-Scan" for certain folders which means that files inside will not be compared against each other. This is a neat feature if you want to compare folder A against folder B.

Next step is choosing the scan method. There are three scan methods in the application - "100% Equal Files", "Similar File Names" and "Similar Files". The first and second modes are the fastest. I recommend you to use the "100% Equal Files" mode first. In the second and third modes you can specify a similarity percentage that will be used for the comparison.

Once you are done with the above hit the "Star Scan" button to begin the search for duplicates. The time necessary to complete the task depends on the size and speed of your drives.

Duplicate MP3 Finder Add Foldes   Duplicate MP3 Finder Scan

MacX DVD Ripper Pro Giveaway for Halloween

Mysterious, creepy, and fun! Halloween has always been the time filled with trick or treating, distinctive costumes, and all things spooky. At the same time, it’s a good opportunity for those who want to get freebies and big discount during this magic holiday. Once again, MacXDVD Software is giving away free copies of its top-notch product MacX DVD Ripper Pro Halloween Edition to cater to the needs of customers who’d rather choose to backup horrible DVD movies to iPhone, iPad, Surface, etc beforehand for playback anywhere, even on Halloween trip or rush home and watch horrible DVD movies with family and friends than attending Halloween party. This Halloween giveaway is only valid from now to Nov. 2. So why not grab the chance right now to get the amazing Halloween freebie.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro Halloween Edition, equipped with brand new DVD Navigator Analysis technology, empowers Mac users to deal with all copy protected DVD movies, such as The Dictactor, The Hunger Games, Ice Age: Continental Drift, etc, making it prominent in DVD decrypting and ripping territory. Touting multi-core CPU utilization and hyper threading technology, this top-of-the-line Halloween gift provides you a fast way to rip DVD movies to a wide range of formats and optimized preset for your portable device, making it happen within few minutes.

Mac X For Mac and Windows

More remarkable, MacX DVD Ripper Pro demonstrates a significant leap from the previous edition by adding new optimized profiles especially for iPhone 5, iPad Mini and Microsoft Surface tablet. This flawless compatibility enables you to rip all DVD movies to a format that’s optimized for iPhone 5, iPad Mini and Surface preeminently.

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