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Samsung Galaxy S IV Officially Announced, Here's The Know All Video Intro...


Many many gadgets ! Maybe not what was expected ! Definitely fun !

Life Companion seems to be little costly.... :( hope the price will be pleasing to all the Samsung Users...

I am looking forward to this phone. It has awesome features like all the eye tracking and the camera effects. You don’t even need Photoshop after using this phone. Browsing the web has never been easier – only using your eyes. It’s loads of fun. Don’t know what Apple will do, but I doubt it will be better.

The long wait is over! this radical phone can spell the meaning of a good mobile device i cant wait to get a hold of it! I own a Galaxy S3 and it rocks! so i can expect a lot more from this one!

That is a TRUE innovation! And truthfully wish that the rivalry between the TWO companies could turn into a benign competition!

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